Hannah Combs, 15, is like a lot of young girls in America. However, in a recent act of what can only be seen as an assault, a boy at her Texas school spread super glue in her hair, causing her to suffer first degree burns and forcing her to shave half of her head. However, when her father arrived to pick Hannah up and expressed his outrage, it was what the police officer on campus threatened the father with that will enrage you even more. He was given a trespass warning and told if he came back on the school campus, a campus he pays for with his tax dollars, he would be arrested.

According to the Facebook page set up for Hannah, she has been bullied for years.

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Jessica Grimmer, Hannah’s mother, posted what Hannah recalled about the incident on Facebook.

My name is Hannah. I’m not any different than your son or daughter. I go to Harker Heights High School, have friends, study hard, and I’m involved in after school activities. Well my thoughts about how I was going to spend my first year of high school changed drastically on Monday, September 14th, 2015. I was standing out front of the school and a boy decided to put a handful of super glue into my hair and on my scalp. He had previously told another boy that he was going to put it in a girls hair while he poured it into his hand. The super glue BURNED and I couldn’t help but cry. My dad had to pick me up from school and at the time that he picked me up the school wasn’t doing ANYTHING about this boy, until my dad told them to or he would call 911. I had to be taken to Urgent Care so they could remove the glue from my scalp, which gave me a chemical burn (this took a 1/2 hour!). I kept thinking the whole time “What did I do to deserve this?”. Later in the evening my mother and I were attempting to remove the glue from the rest of my hair, which hurt horribly. We ended up having to shave 1/2 of my head because the glue was so bad. The boy had ISS for a couple of days and today I had to call my dad because he was there and I have a class with him. I was in tears!

Then, Hannah told what happened when her father, Christian, arrived.

“My dad came to pick me up and he was upset of course,” she wrote. “He got his sticker when you sign in at the office, he signed me out and the officer wouldn’t let him take me home. My dad told me to come on and the officer told me to stay right there. The officer gave my dad a criminal trespass warning and told him that if he came back on campus that he would be arrested. I was finally able to go with my dad after he was in the parking lot and asking over and over ‘Where is my daughter?’ The criminal trespass warning was told to happen by the principal. How come I have to be treated like the criminal and the person who caused me harm get’s to walk around like nothing happened? THIS IS HOW KISD TREATS CHILDREN AND FAMILIES! PLEASE SHARE SO THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN TO SOMEONE ELSE!”

So, the father of a young girl comes to pick his daughter up from school who has been assaulted with super glue in her hair, the boy who did it gets In School Suspension, and the officer threatens the father with trespassing? In what world does that make sense?

According to KWTX, “The school will make no official comment about the incident other than to say ‘Killeen ISD is committed to ensure the safety of all students, staff and parents,’ the district said in a prepared release on Monday.”

“Therefore the district considers this a very serious incident and has responded in accordance with state law, board police and the student code of conduct,” the statement added.

Which means this is about as far as it will go. Consider that the school code of conduct would actually require the boy be removed from school.

The code of conduct reads, “A student SHALL be removed from the regular campus and placed into a DAEP if the student engages in conduct containing the elements of the offense of assault (with bodily injury) under 22.01(a)(1) of the Penal Code; (27,28).”

As for Hannah’s father, a US veteran, he was furious concerning the school’s lack of discipline for the young man that had attacked his daughter.

KDH News reported that Mr. Grimmer said the assistant principal “got in his face, telling him to calm down and ‘take that attitude elsewhere.'”

KDH News also confirms the fact that, “Killeen Independent School District police officer gave him a trespass warning. The school did not release Hannah until her father went to the parking lot.”

I’ve got to say, that is pretty disturbing. Anyone can understand that Mr. Grimmer was upset and why. It warranted no reason for the officer to act in the manner he did.

Hannah’s parents say they will keep her home until the boy is moved to another school. Good for them, but why not just keep her out of the public indoctrination system permanently and teach her at home? Wouldn’t that be best?

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As for Hannah, she responded positively to the outpouring of support about the Facebook page that was set up for her.

“It makes me want to help other people,” Hannah said. “There are people who couldn’t stand up for themselves but they talk to me about it. It makes me want to help. It’s amazing how many people are supporting me.”

Now, many people won’t riot in the streets, kill anyone, burn their town down or stop traffic in the streets like we saw in Ferguson, Baltimore and New York. Clearly, no one was killed here. However, something needs to be done further to the young man and the police officer needs to be dealt with as well.

None of what happened to Hannah or her father is their fault, but I have always recommended that parents teach their own children and even pointed them to a free resource to do it. Why put your child in the midst of an indoctrination system that is at war with the Creator?

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost.