Survey suggests support for controversial movement is much weaker than thought

Poll: Only 31% of African-Americans Identify With 'Black Lives Matter'
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A Rasmussen poll finds that just 31% of African-Americans identify with the term “black lives matter,” suggesting that support for the controversial movement is much weaker than has been suggested.

Asked, “Which statement is closest to your own—black lives matter or all lives matter?”, 31% of likely black voters said they embraced “black lives matter,” while almost two thirds (64%) said the phrase “all lives matter” more closely resembled their views.

Amongst all Americans, only 11% identify more closely with “black lives matter,” with 78% of likely voters embracing “all lives matter”.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that a vast majority of Americans think black lives don’t matter, but it clearly indicates that a huge majority of Americans, including black people, do not resonate with BLM despite it receiving lavish and almost universally positive mainstream media coverage.

Support for “all lives matter” amongst black Americans is strong despite numerous claims by Black Lives Matter activists that even using the term is racist.

After Hillary Clinton used the term during a speech, Black Lives Matter supporters were enraged, with one responding, “She just locked down the racist white people who think they aren’t racist vote.”

Piers Morgan was also taken to task by ‘Black Twitter’ for daring to tweet “all lives matter”.

One BLM supporter even wrote that “all lives matter” was “an inappropriate, racist response to Black Lives Matter.” If this is the case, then 64% of African-Americans are racist.

Even after nearly a year of #BlackLivesMatter activism since the Michael Brown shooting, “Most Americans have an even more positive view of their local police and don’t consider their tactics out of line,” a separate poll found, again indicating that Black Lives Matter has actually discredited opposition to the genuine problem of police brutality.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison