Nutritionist slams federal program as money making scam

Clinical dietician Daniel Jarvis has slammed the Michelle Obama-backed federal lunch program, labeling it a money-making scam that will cause higher rates of cancer in children who are being forced to eat carcinogenic processed meat.


Jarvis was shown a study obtained by CBS-13 which shows that the food being served in schools is incredibly unhealthy despite being labeled nutritious.

The government buys food in bulk from large corporations, which according to the study are, “profiteering by hundreds of million of dollars, dominating school trade magazines ads and pushing nuggets, corn dogs and pizza as supposedly nutritious meals.”

Jarvis, who works at Cabell Huntington Hospital in West Virginia, was shocked when he saw the study.

“I see pepperoni and processed meats that cause cancer, it’s like a scheme to make money,” he stated.

Parents and teachers in other school districts also told CBS-13 that processed foods were dominating menus.

“Almost every day we have one line dedicated to pizza, corn dogs and nuggets served two or three times a month at least,” said Dustin Lambert, a parent.

According to the study, released by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, unhealthy meat and dairy products have been allowed to stay in school lunches via USDA commodities.

“The Physicians Committee recently reviewed advertisements in each 2014 issue of SNA’s School Nutrition magazine. While there were some ads for pasta, beans, blueberries, sweet potatoes—and even hummus and soy milk—they were outnumbered by ads for pepperoni pizza, corn dogs, and other junk foods,” states the report.

For well over a year, American school kids have been tweeting out images of bug infested, moldy food under the hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama, while also complaining about small portions.

Under federal regulations introduced in the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which was championed by Michelle Obama, sodium levels have be kept below 1,230 milligrams for kindergarten through fifth grade, 1,360 mg for sixth to eighth grade, and 1,420 mg for ninth to 12th grade, which may explain the paucity of nutrition seen in some of the images.

Despite the First Lady’s key role in pushing the regulations, leftist websites like Snopes still claim that Michelle Obama has nothing to do with the nauseous images being tweeted out.

After the regulations went into effect from 2012-2013, over 1 million students nationwide stopped buying school lunch and 321 districts left the National School Lunch Program altogether.

Corporations responsible for the carcinogenic foods in school lunches are listed in the graphic below.

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