The left sharpens its claws for gun control

Don't Blame All Muslims for Chattanooga, But Blame All Conservatives For Theater Shooting

Now that the Lafayette theater shooter has been identified as a white male who supported the Tea Party, it’s going to be open season on conservatives.

Every time a Muslim goes on a killing spree, the left asserts that any attempt to blame violent passages in the Koran or to ask Muslims to take collective responsibility is racist.

Fair enough, but that same standard is never applied when a tragedy can be exploited to impugn conservatives and the Second Amendment before the bodies are even cold.

It has now been established that 59-year-old John Russell Houser was a conservative radio guest who also had a profile on the Tea Party Nation website.

Houser also left racist comments on a different website, including one where he remarked, “The more hard working people with family values we have, the better.What we need to worry about is those who WILL NOT WORK and have no concept of family. They may largely be identified by race also.”

In the aftermath of the Boston bombings, prominent leftist news outlets like insisted that Muslims shouldn’t apologize for the bloodshed. That same courtesy wasn’t extended to whites after the Charleston shooting. According to Salon, white America had to collectively “answer” for the massacre.

Similarly, following the slaying of four Marines last week by a radicalized Muslim, the left was petrified of even entertaining the notion that Islam played a role in the murders.   Within minutes of news breaking about the tragedy in Lafayette, liberals were calling for all white men to be stripped of their Second Amendment rights. The usual suspects – Piers Morgan prime amongst them are already out in full force exploiting the shooting to push gun control.   Never mind the fact that the movie theater in question, just like the Armed Forces recruiting center in Chattanooga, was a gun free zone where responsible people were barred from carrying firearms.   The left’s call for gun control was also strangely absent when at least 14 people were killed after an incredible 82 shootings over the July 4 weekend alone in Chicago.   Since most of those shootings were the work of black crime gangs, and couldn’t be blamed on Tea Party conservatives, we heard nothing but silence from so-called progressives.  

As is the case after virtually every mass shooting that the left tries to blame on the Second Amendment, gun sales only increase.

That’s because nobody is buying the narrative. America does not support gun control – the polls illustrate this fact.

Only by resorting to dictatorial executive orders will President Obama ever overturn that reality.

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