Source: 5newonline

Despite the fact that whites are responsible for just 2.5% of gun crime in major cities like NYC

Source: 5newonline
Source: 5newonline

Liberals on Twitter rushed to exploit the Lafayette theater shooting before the bodies were even cold, demanding that all “white men” be stripped of their Second Amendment rights in response to the tragedy.

A 58-year-old white man killed two people and injured at least nine others before turning the gun on himself during the shooting last night at the Lafayette multiplex, with speculation swirling that the attack may have been motivated by the verdict in the 2012 Aurora theater massacre.

The shooting took place in a gun free zone which, “Does not even allow law-abiding citizens with concealed carry permits to carry for self-defense,” reports Breitbart.

While it took CNN just 12 minutes into their coverage of the tragedy to push gun control, liberals on Twitter went further, angrily demanding that because the killer was white, all Caucasian men should be immediately disarmed.

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Of course, the logic behind the rhetoric is completely insane. Black people are responsible for over half of homicides in the United States despite making up only 13% of the population, but you will never see a liberal call for all African-Americans to have their Second Amendment rights revoked.

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In major cities like New York, blacks also account for the vast majority of people arrested for gun crime. In NYC, African-Americans comprise over 70% of shooting arrests, with Hispanics comprising around 25% and whites just 2.5%.

This is not the first time that leftists have called for racist policies to be enacted after mass shootings – we saw the exact same rhetoric after the Charleston massacre. Strangely enough, there was no call to disarm Muslim-Americans after last week’s Chattanooga shooting during which Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez killed four Marines.

BuzzFeed News Editor Rachel Zarrell also rushed to demand strict gun control measures immediately after news of the shooting broke, prompting a huge backlash, with one respondent remarking, “If you were in that theater you might have a different perspective right about now. Take guns from law abiders. Great idea.”

The shooting also took place just hours after the release of a BBC News interview with President Obama in which he lamented his failure to pass “common sense gun safety laws…. even in the face of repeated mass killings.”

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