(INTELLIHUB) — In yet another example of suspicious troop movements throughout the country in the lead up to the massive realistic training exercise known as Jade Helm, a convoy of military vehicles has been filmed passing through Union Station in Portland, Oregon.

The military convoy, complete with communications and surveillance equipment, was videotaped by a concerned citizen who was aware of the fact that what he was seeing wasn’t an isolated event.

Amazingly, the footage also shows what seem to be over sixty unmarked storage containers, possibly already loaded with weapons and ammunition. Others have speculated that the storage containers will be used to hold weapons after they are confiscated from the American people.

military convoyPHOTO: SLACKER614/YOUTUBE
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This latest documented sighting of military equipment being moved throughout the United States is part of what has been described as an “unprecedented” amount of troop movements and military exercises (with a sharp domestic focus) seen in the last three months.

From dozens upon dozens of military equipment sightings, to Special Forces training for house to house raids on American citizens, all the way to officials within the Pentagon publicly voicing their fears that President Obama is taking steps towards using military force against the public, we have seen (and will continue to see) an undeniable acceleration of training and planning to use the military during some sort of civil unrest in America.

While both Jade Helm 2015 and all the military movements documented in the last three months are most likely training and pre-placement of equipment before a coming martial law scenario, the sheer magnitude of information coming out makes one wonder if this all really is set to go live.

It is important to remember that despite the fact that both the mainstream media and the military PR machine have claimed that only fringe “conspiracy theorists” are worried about martial law, officials with the Pentagon itself have voiced their fears.

“This appears to be the latest step in the administration’s decision to use force within the United States against its citizens,” a defense official told the Washington Times in reference to a 2010 DoD Directive reaffirming President Obama’s supposed authority to call on the military for use within the United States during a time of crisis.

You can watch the full footage of the military convoy in Oregon, courtesy of YouTuber SLACKER614 below:

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