Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the 14th largest metropolitan area in the United States, with 3.8 million residents.

The city experienced a surge of immigrants from Muslim Somalia beginning in the mid-1990s because of political unrest in that African country. As of 2002, official estimates had the population of Somalians in Minneapolis at around 15,000.

Ami Horowitz went to a Muslim neighborhood in Minneapolis, Minneosta, to conduct random man-on-street interviews with Muslims.

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Asked if “it’s easy to be a Muslim in America, or is it hard,” one man says: “Yes, it’s easy” and that no one gives him problems, while a teenager says “it’s not tough at all” being a Muslim in his school.

Although one man, dressed in a suit, says “we love America” because it’s “a great country” with its freedoms — “freedom of speech, freedom of choice of religion” — all the other interviewees (see some of them below) say they’re “more comfortable living under Sharia law” instead of American law.

Muslims in Minnesota

More than that, those Minneapolis Muslims say that cartoons that insult Muhammad should be outlawed and those responsible should be punished, and that they completely understand the anger of Muslims who attack because of the cartoons.

This man (below), in sympathy with the terrorists, says: “You commit suicide. You don’t care because you, your heart is tell you ‘I don’t want to live no more,’ because you couldn’t take that much hate or you kill someone.” Agreeing with him is this woman (below), who also thinks it’s “right to kill somebody who insults Muhammad,” referring specifically to Pamela Geller who had organized the Muhammad cartoon exhibit in Garland, Texas, where two Muslim jihadists were killed after they opened fire on May 3, 2015.

Muslims in Minnesota2

In response to the question “If you have the choice, would you rather live here or in a Muslim country,” every one of the above all say they would rather live in a Muslim country, be it Somalia or Saudi Arabia.

I propose we fulfill their wish and deport them.

Source: Jihad Watch

H/t FOTM’s marblenecltr

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