A pandering and struggling Hillary Clinton was in Las Vegas for Cinco de Mayo and she promised to expand amnesty far beyond what Obama has using executive orders.  She promised to grant amnesty to the parents of Dreamers, a position so far to the left that even Eric Holder’s Department of Injustice couldn’t find a justification for it and determined it went far beyond the law.  Hillary also says she wants a bill on comprehensive illegal alien reform that will make citizens of 11.5 million criminals.

Hillary is desperate to find new voters since many of her old voters have deserted over the blatant dishonesty she has shown both as Secretary of State and with the Clinton Foundation that has taken money and granted favors to some of the most repressive regimes in the world.  Imagine the vast amount of money she and Bill can shake loose from oil rich countries should she become president.  She obviously lacks any moral compass whatsoever, having flipped flopped on more issues than than you can shake a stick at including, immigration, criminal justice, ethanol, gay marriage, driver’s licenses for illegals, the death penalty and basically everything she claimed to stand for up to this point.  How could either side trust her?

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The granting of amnesty for the parents of Dreamer children could allow hundreds of thousands of more immigrants into the country to take advantage of the amnesty Hillary is pushing.  Hillary’s plan to pretend to be a centrist has been discarded as donors stay away in droves over her scandals and the belief she will reverse many of the policies Obama has put into place.  That and the fact her primary opponents include a far left tax and spend liberal and a socialist (Is there a difference?) is forcing her to take extreme positions that will bite her in the ass in the general election.

Look for more of this shameless pandering in the future.

Courtesy of Red Statements.