Many in the mainstream media (e.g. NPR, KHOU TV) will boldly tell you that Jade Helm is not worth losing your head over when in actuality, the final phase of Jade Helm may result in millions of American Christians losing their heads.

Glenn Beck: Christians Are the Enemy of the State

Glen Beck has reported that this present administration has published another “enemies of the state list”. Number one on the list are Evangelical Christians. Also on the list are Catholics and Mormons. Mormons? Now we know why Utah was one of three areas declared to be a hostile state by Jade Helm documentation.

 Watch out for the upcoming Mormon fertilizer bombs. Utah is now declared to a hostile state and Mormons are on the DHS list as domestic terrorists.
Watch out for the upcoming Mormon fertilizer bombs. Utah is now declared to be a hostile state and Mormons are on the DHS list as domestic terrorists according to both DHS and Jade Helm.
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Where the Persecution Will Happen

Internment camps for political dissidents in the U.S. aren’t a conspiracy theory. The Department of Defense document entitled “INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS” or FM 3-39.40 proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt.

FM 3-39.4  Appendix N
Foreign Confinement Officer Training Program

Training U.S. Trainers

N-43. Soldiers and Marines who are assigned training missions receive a course of preparation to deal with the specific requirements of developing the target HN confinement officers (i.e. foreign detention officers). The course should emphasize the cultural background of the HN, introduce its language (to include specific confinement-related terms and phrases) and provide insights into cultural tips for developing a good rapport with HN personnel.

The beginning of this section attempts to create the illusion that foreign troops will be under the complete control of Army personnel. However, I believe it is likely that the mass exterminations of the detainees will take place when the American military is withdrawn from the facilities. If there was any doubt as to the fact that our soon-to-be jailers will be foreign and will have no hesitation to carry out mass genocide, the following regulation from the document should remove all doubt.

Training Methods
N-48. Training programs are designed to prepare HN personnel to eventually train themselves. Indigenous trainers are the best trainers and should be used to the maximum extent possible.

The day that the detainees hear the engines start up and the American military vacates the concentration camps, is the day that they all better “get right with God”.

Why would each section of the camps described in FM 3-39.40, need to have a mortuary for every 4,000 prisoners unless the death rate was going to be incredibly high? This should be a direct tip off that these camps are NOT just designed to house prisoners, these camps exist to execute prisoners. And what does an investigation unveil about the nature of the camps? These camps are eventually going to be run by foreign troops, who in turn, will train other foreign troops to work in the camps. And what will be the method of execution?

Both Biblical and Islamic Prophecy Foretells a Time When Christians Will Be Beheaded by Muslims In Great Numbers

Revelation 20:4 states that Then I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was given to them. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony of Jesus and because of the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received the mark on their forehead and on their hand; and they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years”.

And who will behead these Christians? Take a look at Sura (chapter) 47 contains the ayah (verse): When you encounter the unbelievers …. [26] He and his followers beheaded opponents, Christian and Muslim alike…  Sura 8 [al-Anfal]:12 states “I will cast dread into the hearts of the … caliphs beheaded tens of thousands of Christians, admittedly many of them …”  This is the justification for ISIS to be performing the heinous acts of ISIS beheading Christians

It is clear that both Christianity and Islam foretell a time when non-believing infidels (i.e. Christians) will be beheaded by radical Muslim extremists (i.e. ISIS). It is also clear that this prophecy is being fulfilled in our time and that we are nowhere near the pinnacle of this event.

I get understandably nervous, at the prospect of guillotines on American soil, as I watch the endless series of beheadings of Christians in the Middle East by the CIA supported ISIS. The following represents a small sample size of what is happening to Christians and their subsequent mass beheadings at the hands of ISIS.

Ted Gunderson

When retired FBI agent, the now deceased Ted Gunderson, told a gathering of militia members that the federal government had set up 1,000 internment camps across the country, I had no trouble believing hisfema coffins sherrie 1 statement because there is ample documentation to support his statement (e.g.REX 84, Operation Garden Plot and now the NDAA). However, when Gunderson reported that the federal government was storing over 500,000 caskets outside of Atlanta, I also knew he was accurate on this point because Sherrie Wilcox found the evidence in the adjacent photo. However, when I heard that Gunderson was accusing the government of storing 30,000 guillotines, I thought he had lost his mind.

Why Would the Government Want to Store Guillotines?

Gunderson told various patriot groups that the guillotines were being stored for the day that the government declares martial law and moves in to round up and execute American dissenters. Gunderson prophetically told patriot groups that the federal government was going to keep track of all of us. The last statement has indeed proven accurate given the recent Snowden/NSA scandal.

Can somebody please explain to me why the government would need to order 30,000 guillotines? For what legitimate purpose could these tools of execution be utilized?

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The guillotine has never been used inside of the United States. The United States has executed people by firing squad, hanging, the electric chair and lethal injection. The US has never executed a convicted criminal through the use of the guillotine.

Given these facts, then why is this government importing 30,000 guillotines as Gunderson claimed? Oh, I know that some of the sheep are now looking up from the ground and have just said “there aren’t any guillotines in the United States.” Then please tell me, sheep of America, why did Representative Doug Teper, of the Georgia Legislative Assembly (Democrat) introduce a bill which will supplant the method of execution, the electric chair, with the guillotine back in 1995-6? The referenced bill was Georgia State House Bill (1995-6) HB 1274– Death penalty; guillotine provisions. Certainly, Teper would have never thought that this was possible if there were not already guillotines inside of the United States.

An Efficient Killing Machine

Has anyone bothered to do the math? A single guillotine reportedly can chop off the heads of about 100 people per hour. In one hour, the federal government has the capacity to execute as many as three million people. In one ten hour day, 30 million people could be executed by way of the guillotine.

What did Bill Ayers, the one-time head of the Weatherman Underground, tell FBI special informant, Larry Grathwohl about the need to kill 50 million Americans in re-education camps in the Southwest after they take over the country? Isn’t Jade Helm focused on the Southwest? Didn’t Bill Ayers launch Obama’s political career from the living room of his Chicago home? Isn’t Obama being soft on ISIS?

Why Is ISIS Being Left Untouched?

Obama says he is willing to chase ISIS into Syria and risk war with Russia. Then why is he leaving untouched, the ISIS camp reported by Judicial Watch 8 miles from El Paso? ISIS has already attempted to attack Americans at the Geller event in Garland, TX.

Yesterday, in a radio interview, a talk show host asked me why I was so concerned about the Jade Helm extraction drills? In response, I cited the following events:


It is time to do some much needed dot connecting through the use of questions that can all be answered in the affirmative.

From people like former Special Operations officer, Scott Bennett, we know that the CIA is controlling ISIS. We also know that Jade Helm, or its successor will ultimately place America under martial law following the extraction of political dissidents. What will happen to America after martial law is in place? What about FM 3-39.40 and the policy which will have foreign troops running the FEMA camps? In Pastor Mansfield’s FEMA camp training revelations, under the Clergy Response Team training, why were pastors instructed to not quote from the Bible? With the CIA in charge of ISIS, will ISIS be helping to man these camps? Instead of feeding the Christians to the lions, will they instead be fed to these jackals whose favorite pastime is beheading Christians?

Again, Both Biblical and Islamic Prophecy Foretells a Time When Christians Will Be Beheaded by Muslims In Great Numbers

Dave Hodges is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show.