Is former general, David Petraeus being blackmailed by Eric Holder over Benghazi?  The Benghazi hearings, led by Rep. Trey Gowdy reopen this month and the panel has long wanted to talk to Petraeus to find out what really happened that night.  The one time he did answer questions, many believed he was being cagey and was somewhat less than truthful.  But now, he could redeem his reputation by testifying honestly about what he knows about the events of that night.

Ain’t gonna happen.  You see, the Injustice Department attorneys have recommended that he be tried in a court of law for illegally transferring classified documents to his mistress.  Petraeus made the mistake of not being liberal.  Alissa Starzak stole classified documents from the CIA headquarters and Obama appointed her to work in the Pentagon Legal Office.  That’s a huge pay increase and promotion from any of her previous jobs.  Read Here  But they want to throw Petraeus in jail.

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Eric Holder has the last word on whether Petraeus gets tried or not and he refuses to say what he will recommend for a crime that happened over 2 years ago.  I never heard anything about possible charges until the Benghazi Commission started it’s investigation.  Did you?  It’s at least coincidental that these two events should intersect like this.  Or maybe not.  Let’s see if Holder makes his decision before or after Petraeus either agrees or declines to testify.  That will be the real test.

As the head of the CIA at the time, we have to assume he knows a lot about what went on that night.  Was a stand down order given and by whom?  Did Valerie Jarrett really run things from the White House situation room?  Was the CIA running guns to Syrian rebels including ISIS?

I’m guessing we’ll never know.

Courtesy of Red Statements.