A 74 year old man recently underwent a sex change operation using his Medicare coverage.  Maybe I’m naive but does anyone want a 74 year old transsexual?  Not even other 74 year old transsexuals want one.  Denee Mallon is the first person to challenge the ban on sex change operations paid for by Medicare.  Here is a picture of America’s newest woman:

Image: Denee Mallon pumps gas into her Ford Mustang in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Anyone getting a woody? 

Medicare won’t pay for some cancer testing but they will pay for 74 year olds to change their sex?  What would the founding fathers think?  I often wonder if Madison and Jefferson could spend a month in today’s world, what the constitution would look like.

This gives Obama an opening.  He can now have sex change operations be covered in every exchange in America and he can do it without an executive order.  Sylvia Mathews Burwell can unilaterally mandate that insurers cover sex change operations.  A little known part of the Obamacare Bill is that the head of Health and Human Services can mandate insurance companies cover anything they deem necessary.  To make sure congress doesn’t interfere, the bill has a clause that says the HHS head’s decision can only be overturned by a 2/3rds super majority.

Since everyone has to have the exact same coverage, that means every American will see a stiff (pun intended) increase in the cost of their premiums.  A sex change operation from man to woman will cost 125k just for the doctor.

Where the hell did our America go?

Courtesy of Red Statements.