chicagoThe first thought I had when I heard about the Islamic State threats on Chicago was probably not much different than many of yours. Of course they would want to attack Chicago.

Isn’t it obvious?

The gun laws are some of the toughest, if not the toughest, in the country. Islamists love to prey upon fear and weakness. Chicago is perceived as weak because citizens don’t have the same rights to defend themselves that we do in other parts of the country. It’s not hard to kill an unarmed man. Don’t think for a moment that the Islamic State does not understand our 2nd Amendment and gun culture.

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Chicagoans also understand their limitations all too well. And this would naturally instill a certain amount of anxiety or outright fear. But it goes way beyond the fact that less people in Chicago might be able to defend themselves. That is a simpleton’s thinking. I am guilty as charged. 🙂

There are numerous other reasons that Chicago makes sense.

More on this in a moment. First let’s recap the perceived threat.

Hopefully there is nothing to this, other than typical Muslim intimidation, but WGNTV reported Friday:

They’re reacting to one of the tweets which shows the ISIS flag in front of the White House.

But scroll down a little farther and you see a picture that might look familiar. Not the writing, which appears to be in Arabic, but the building in the background. That’s on Michigan Ave.

307 N. Michigan Ave to be precise. It’s at the corner of Michigan and South Water Street and it’s called the Old Republic Building.

What we found online was stunning. So we brought it to the attention of the building security team. The apparent message in this photo dated June 20th of this summer, is “soldiers of the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria will pass from here soon.”

Other tweets show the same two pictures saying “we are in your state/ we are in your cities / we are in your streets.  You are our goals anywhere.”

More tweets say “we are here #america near our #target 🙂 sooooooooooooon.”

No one in security at the Old Republic Building would comment, nor did the secret service, the FBI, or Chicago police.

So we don’t yet know who posted the picture in Chicago or why they chose that location.

This is of course the same tweet that seemed to validate the perceived threat of the raising of the “Flag of Allah” in the White House. It was reported late Friday that the Islamist who made the original threat has been killed. But whenever one of these Islamists dies there is always someone to pick up the slack.

So the tweet had a pic of the White House and a building in Chicago. Inexplicably, it took them two weeks to figure that out.

Geez, that doesn’t seem like intentionally dripping information on a timed schedule does it?

Let’s see. Chicago and the White House.

What do those two things have in common?

I’ve got it. Barack Obama!

Obama must have tweeted this. And if it weren’t for this meddling blogger…

Sorry, just kidding.

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I told you I was a simpleton. Maybe at this point it would be best to turn it over to a professional. Our friend Dave Hodges has been talking about the need for Chicago to host a “false flag” event that would open up the opportunity for war in Syria. Back in May Dave wrote, The False Flag Road to Martial Law & WW III Still Runs Through Chicago, and here is an excerpt:

If there is going to be World War III and subsequent martial law followed by gun confiscation, a precipitating false flag event must occur. Two years ago, I identified Chicago as the site of this event. Today, I repeat these assertions and the current state of world affairs points more strongly to Chicago being a pretext to war and martial law, more so, than two years ago.

For individuals who think a false flag upon Chicago sounds crazy, ask yourself why Rahm Emanuel, most likely a Mossad agent, would leave a high level post in the Obama Administration and step down to the relative lowly position of being a mayor of a city? The simple and obvious answer is that this foreign asset was put in place to carry out the task over overseeing a false flag event, so big, so devastating, that the Obama Administration will have their pretext to execute martial law in order to stem the wave of massive protests which will surely accompany the globalist plans to have the United States commence martial law and a war.

My suspicions about Chicago being a false flag target were strengthened by the fact that, President Obama has no intention of returning to Chicago after his second term. The President is moving to Hawaii and has sold his Hyde Park residence. Obama is nobody’s fool and plans to be out of harm’s way when the coming catastrophe befalls Chicago.

My belief for an impending false flag attack upon Chicago is also strengthened by the fact that communities surrounding Chicago are storing supplies which are strongly suggestive of coming mass casualty event. An Inside source reveals that  FEMA & DHS are preparing mass graves and for martial law near Chicago.

If you understand that OUR GOVERNMENT CREATED, TRAINED AND FUNDED ISIS and that there are many connections and strategic reasons to pick Chicago, it really isn’t a stretch to think that our government might be planning the next 9/11 there.

What is that you say?

Conspiracy talk?

Wake up. Why is it that the government will not reveal the content of those 28 redacted pages that are part of the 9/11 investigation? If you are unaware of that story, click here to listen to Representative Thomas Massie’s Press Conference. I know that no one wants to believe that our government would do such things. I don’t want to believe it either, but… Would you really put it past a criminal like Barack Obama to open the door for a terror attack, if it advanced his agenda?

As I said, Dave has been calling for a Chicago terror event/false flag for over two years. There is a whole lot more to Dave’s article and if you want to look deeper then please continue by clicking here.

Please understand that, whether you agree with the “false flag” angle, or not, the threat is real. Threats are being made and ISIS could launch a terrorist attack on the homeland at any time.

Hopefully it is just harmless propaganda and nothing happens.