isis-appears-in-ferguson-race-riotsFor a couple of days I have felt like a useful idiot.

As I look across America I see that people are starting to become very unified in the belief that we must defeat the Islamic State (formerly ISIS). Conservatives, like myself, have been screaming for many months about the horrible atrocities that are coming out of Syria and now Iraq. We have reported several of those stories here.

Do you ever get the distinct feeling that you have been played?

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Now something odd is happening that makes me sick to my stomach. The mainstream media has jumped on board. Foley’s beheading has sounded a battle cry to unite a nation that wants blood. Now it is being reported that these people really are as terrible as we have said all along. And now that the Obama Administration is talking about launching air strikes in Syria, against those that they trained and funded, the liberals will join the conservatives in the cry for vengeance.

It’s not hard to launch a war in Syria as long as most of the American people are behind you. What a difference a year makes.

America is preparing for military action in Syria and I can not say that I totally disagree with it, but I do feel like I have been very much used to advance the agenda that they wanted all along.

It’s the old “Hegelian dialectic” once again:

  1. Create a problem.
  2. Wait for the public to cry for solutions to the problem.
  3. Give them what they (and YOU) want.

Did the government create the problem?

Sure they did. If you do not understand that ISIS was a creation of our own CIA then you need to do some research.

But now we are in the middle of stage two and quickly progressing toward stage 3.

Soon we will give Obama and all of those unseen “powers that be” a permission slip to do what they wanted to do all along, which is to get involved in Syria. They have ingeniously played the American people. Americans did not want our soldiers fighting against Bashar Al-Assad and company, but they are certainly all for us bombing our own “allies.”

We have just fallen for an intricate “bait and switch.”

I am going to keep this as short as possible and give you a quick case and point.

Do you remember the CNN interview in which people carried an ISIS banner behind the field correspondent?


There was lots of controversy about the fact that CNN could ignore that they had an “ISIS is Here” sign in their own interview and yet fail to comment on the significance.

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Conservative publications, including ours, went on attack.

What message did that send to America?

The message it sent is that ISIS is here and they mean business. We have been posting stories like that at D.C. Clothesline for weeks.

And for weeks we, along with dozens of other conservative publications, have been laying the ground work for a decision that Obama was going to make all along it would seem.

The reason you have to learn to think for yourself is simple.

Certain stories are planted in the mainstream simply because the MSM knows that they don’t have to write the stories that guys like myself will. Do you understand what I am saying?

Sometimes part of the agenda is advanced by some unknowing useful idiot like myself.

CNN didn’t have to comment because they knew that I, and others like me, would. Our old friend dahboo77 released a video on Thursday that made me do some serious soul searching. I don’t always agree with this guy but maybe I should start paying a little more attention. Between his video and Tim Brown’s excellent article, I started to put two and two together in my own mind. Here is the video.


Many of us on the conservative side spend a lot of time reacting to the mainstream media rather than simply finding our own stories.

CNN and the Obama Administration knew exactly what they were doing here. Don’t forget that Amber Lyon blew the whistle on CNN a long time ago. They report what the White House wants them to report.

Again, they knew that they didn’t have to comment about the video because conservative America would take care of that for them. The people holding the banner were very likely planted.

For what it is worth, I do not see an alternative to going to war with the Islamic State at this point, but it scares me because it could easily lead to World War III.

Innocents are being killed and the threat has hit the homeland, whether manufactured or not, so what else can we do? I am open to suggestions.

I do however wonder how much of this is the Islamic State versus our own CIA which is believed to control them.

In the end even the most “awakened” people can be played as useful idiots.

This is not the first time I advanced a liberal agenda and it probably will not be the last.

In the end I simply try to think things through and be on the side of real solutions most of the time, but I am human. I need you to realize that even those who you might trust can get caught up in the misinformation game of the mainstream media.

CNN got more mileage out of that video by not saying a word then they would have if they had commented and that’s a fact.

Just think about it.

Am I wrong?

I don’t think I am. I feel like my eyes just opened a little bit more.

I don’t think we are going to fix this at the ballot box. You know what it will take. When the time comes, will you be willing to go there?