eric holderAttorney General Eric Holder appeared on ABC’s This Week to reaffirm that his greatest fear, the one that keeps him up at night, is “lone wolf homegrown violent extremists” who have “domestic concerns”. This is basically code for any citizen who disagrees with the direction the establishment is taking the country.

“These homegrown violent extremists … keep you up late night as well trying to monitor them, anticipate what it is that they are going to do,” Holder said Sunday.

Holder recently revived the DOJ’s domestic terrorism task force to focus on citizens who they allege to be extremists. This is just another sign that the war-on-terror apparatus is being turned inward on the American people.

America has already been declared war zone in the borderless Authorization to Use Military Force in the perpetual “war on terror”, and reaffirmed in the NDAA of 2012 which declared U.S. citizens can be indefinitely detained by armed forces without due process for mere suspicion of ties to terrorism. Even direct murder of Americans overseas is now sanctioned when they are “suspected” of terrorism.

Domestically, black-masked SWAT armies serving warrants to non-violent offenders via no-knock raids with grenades and machine guns is now routine in America.  It is clear that the militarization of local police forces and the rise of DHS’s army of paramilitary agents is already treating the American people as a combative enemy.

And, finally, the glue that completes the growing police state apparatus is the all-encompassing surveillance grid. It’s now clear to everyone that the U.S. government is spying on all citizens’ digital communications, finances, medical records, biometrics, and so much more. 

The U.S., by any definition, has become a militarized police state. Americans have few protections left from the government’s protection racket which has become inverted.

The government claims to protect us from people who may spy on us, by spying on us. They claim to protect us from violent thugs with cops that conduct no-knock SWAT raids on peaceful people. They claim to protect us from thieves and financial collapse by stealing from us to give to the thieves. And now they want to declare war on the American people to protect us from those who may declare war on us.

It’s time to wake up and realize that the government is the big fat pink terrorist in the room.

Courtesy of Activist Post.