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Alexandra and Nancy Pelosi

News agencies, well the liberal alphabet ones, seem to think that anyone with a last name connected to a political figure is an authority on issues surrounding America today. Case in point, MSNBC interviewed Nancy Pelosi‘s daughter, Alexandra, who ended up making the claim there’s no way to secure the southern US border. In the interview with Richard Lui, this filmmaker called securing the border a “hoax” politicians use so “we can sleep better at night.”

Alexandra Pelosi stated that people are coming to America in order to seek a better life. She contended they are coming from countries riddled with gang violence, rape, and poor conditions where they literally have “nothing” so there really is nothing to lose risking it all in trying to get to America. Alexandra asserted that “every member of Congress should visit the border.” In her statements to Lui, she cited the example of John McCain (R-AZ) going to stand at the fence, which she describes as “the good fence;” however, she stated that part of the fence along the border consists of only “barbed wire” that Congress ignores.

Now why would anyone think this “filmmaker” would be qualified to speak about the issue of illegal immigration and securing the border? It’s MSNBC for one, and she happens to be the daughter of the House Minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, for another. The next biggest qualifier for her opinion is she filmed a documentary entitled “Citizen U.S.A.” that followed some individuals’ decisions to become US citizens. In all honesty, MSNBC probably chose her because of her liberal stance on this issue of immigration and border security.

In essence, this pseudo-expert supports illegal immigration because of the fact that these people “have nothing to lose.” She encourages members of Congress to go take a “look-see” in order to stir an emotional response. Never once does she mention the “immigration law” nor the lack of enforcement of that law ordered by the current occupant of the Oval Office. In other words, she encourages and supports invasion based on an emotional stance and suggests members of Congress do the same.

Do these people come from poor countries? Without a doubt, that is true. Do these people have very little resources in their home country? That is probably true also. Another truth is that Central American countries are riddled with gang violence, rape, diseasecorruption and host of other criminal activities such as drug cartels and gangs. While that may justify their reasons for wanting to leave, it does not automatically give them a “pass” to break the laws of this nation.

But, I digress. The issue is not whether or not these people have justification or have broken the law. The issue is MSNBC using this liberal mouthpiece with a famous name to promote an amnesty standpoint or attempt to sway individuals by inducing emotion. Now, if MSNBC wants to promote her documentary, that is one thing, but to have her speak on border security and elude to giving lawbreakers a pass based on emotion is another.

The liberal “do good, feel good” public and the low information public (which could be one in the same at times) see this segment as “heart wrenching” which then produces an anger at those who seek to enforce the current immigration laws. After all, these people only want the “American Dream.” In their minds, the American Dream is a home, job, car and material conveniences that is enjoyed by the people of this country.

The American Dream was never about a home, job, care and material conveniences as those can be had anywhere. Freedom was and still is the American Dream. That is something that Americans have forgotten. Some Americans today are willing to sell their freedom for the “company dole.”

MSNBC failed to ask idiot offspring Pelosi where these people are getting the money to come to the US if they in fact have “nothing.” Rumors abound and some reports have surfaced indicating these people pay thousands to get across the border. This doesn’t even speak to the crimes of rape that occur when crossing illegally or those who die in the scorching desert trying to reach a town or city. So, basically, by encouraging illegal crossings, liberals are encouraging crimes against women – crimes that go unpunished – and death. One can see how “caring” liberals really are. (sarcasm)

Lui did not ask this pseudo-expert about the drug cartelshuman trafficking organizations or terrorists who cross the border illegally on a daily basis.

But, MSNBC would not dare touch on these topics. No, they would rather avoid that. However, that is part of the “news” but this segment was not news. It was a segment designed to push political agenda at whatever cost to whomever – they don’t care about the consequences.

MSNBC would, however, allow Rachel Maddow to defame the character of Bradlee Dean by allowing “a twisted edit[ing] of his comments regarding Muslims and Homosexuals.”

This is not a news agency, but a propaganda and slander/libel institution operating for the federal government. Stalin would be so proud of this agency and its people. He would bust the buttons off his vest as he could not have imagined some Americans would be as good at propaganda as the Russians. Even Hitler would be envious.

If Alexandra Pelosi is qualified to speak on border security and immigration based on the production of a documentary and being the daughter of the former Speaker of the House, then it would stand to reason that Amy Carter would be qualified to speak on trade agreements being the daughter of former President Jimmy Carter. It sounds ridiculous because it is ridiculous. She spent a week at the border. Evidently, MSNBC contends that makes her qualified to speak, along with filming a documentary.

Well MSNBC, why don’t you bring on some US citizens who have lived in the border towns now flooded with illegal immigrants? They’ve been there a lot longer than a week. In fact, some have lived in these locations their entire lives which is a lot longer than it takes to film a documentary. Why are they not qualified to be interviewed? Oh, that’s right. Those people would expose the infectious diseases being brought into the US by illegals, the fact that US citizens are breaking the law by aiding and abetting illegals, the fact that border patrol is too busy “babysitting” to perform their duty and confirm the sheer numbers of illegals that are crossing telling people “they were told to come here because they would not be turned away.” Those living in the area might also speak about the drug cartels, the numerous crimes committed in the area by illegals, the human trafficking organizations and possible terrorists that enter their area making them afraid and insecure.

Better yet, why does not MSNBC interview border agents willing to divulge the truth of what is really happening at the southern US border with the influx of illegals?

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MSNBC has shown, once again, their “useful idiot” status when it comes to promoting the agenda of this administration. By choosing to ignore reality, regarding illegal immigration and border security, MSNBC is the one, along with liberals, promoting “the fairy tale.”

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost.