“Two hours of pure hell” as SWAT team trashes home

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Kari Edwards said she and her boyfriend were forced to strip naked at gunpoint during a terrifying Department of Homeland Security dawn raid on their Florida home which lasted for two hours.

The incident began on June 10 at 6:16am when numerous armed SWAT team members, accompanied by a helicopter overhead, arrived in an armored vehicle at the couple’s address before smashing in the door and deafening their pet cat with flash bang smoke grenades.

“They busted in like I was a terrorist or something,” Edwards told the Tea Party News Network, adding, “[An officer] demanded that I drop the towel I was covering my naked body with before snatching it off me physically and throwing me to the ground.”

Having been previously employed by the federal agency herself, Edwards noted that some of the men were DHS agents, although when quizzed as to who they were and why they were conducting the raid, the men only responded by saying that they were “police,” while calling Edwards “stupid” and “retarded” for asking the question.

“While I lay naked, I was cuffed so tightly I could not feel my hands. For no reason, at gunpoint,” Edwards said. “[Agents] refused to cover me, no matter how many times I asked.”

According to Edwards’ boyfriend, one of the agents then proceeded to ogle his naked girlfriend up and down like a piece of candy.

“They spent about 2 hours trashing my house, even smashing clear glass shower doors and a vintage statue,” writes Edwards on her YouTube channel. “My boyfriend, who is asthmatic, started having trouble breathing due to the lingering smoke created by the flash bang grenade.”

After trashing her home for two hours, Edwards said the SWAT team eventually handed her a warrant signed by Jonathan Goodman, a federal magistrate judge for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, which authorized the agents to search for computers and electronics, although Edwards claims police seemed uninterested in the couple’s electronics and did not seize any items despite raising the suspicion of child pornography.

Surveillance camera footage of the incident shows armed agents surrounding the property. Edwards says the clip is brief because the agents ripped out her surveillance DVR while claiming that they couldn’t be recorded.

Edwards summed up her experience by describing the incident as “two hours of pure hell.” The couple have filed a complaint with the ACLU.

While the details of the incident remain unconfirmed, the story will heighten concerns that the DHS is turning into a “standing army” emblematic of a militarized police state.

John W. Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute recently cited numerous examples of out of control DHS activity to make the point that the federal agency is a “beast that is accelerating our nation’s transformation into a police state through its establishment of a standing army, aka national police force.”

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