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All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.

William Shakespeare

Many times in the midst of a global crisis, it is easy to lose sight of what is important, take our eyes off of the ball and ignore what is truly important. In an ongoing effort to make sense out of the world we live in, there is one undeniable truth, the Rothschild/Rockefeller banking empire is the prime motivating force behind the systematic destruction of the old world and the roll out of the New World Order. Subsequently, it is important to establish what complete control the banksters have in moving the world towards total subjugation.

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The primary weapon of mass manipulation is the planet’s central banking system which is headquartered in Basel. If a nation and its leaders do not follow the script, they tend to have a very short life span. Let’s take the assassination of the Polish government and military as a case in point.

It is difficult to discuss centralized banking and at the same time forget the very suspicious deaths of the entire Polish government, high ranking military establishment and members of its own national banking cartel after they refused to let their nation become the latest victim of this banking cartel’s loan sharking operation in which the IMF attempted to make Poland a debt slave. Poland was the only nation in 2009 to experience economic growth in the EU which totaled  2.75% in that year and 3.25% in 2011 at a time when the other 26 nations of the EU economy contracted by as much as  4.1%. The Polish government refused to capitulate to the IMF and enter the world of austerity, pension theft and the looting of bank accounts.

The plane crash which led to the death of the entire Polish government and banking leaders was staged and then a Russian/Polish hit team descended on the scene to kill the survivors before the first responders could arrive. Do you want to see what a bankster regime change looks and sounds like? Take a look at this video which keeps being taken down and then reappearing. I would suggest saving this video on your desktop.


The murderers seen on this tape are two Poles and two Russians. This is not about the nationality of the murderers, this is about the black-ops of both nations (the Polish secret police controlled by Basel and rogue elements of the FSB which were operating under the direction of the Mossad). The thinking of my sources is that this was ultimately a Mossad hit and the CIA provided the necessary tools to bring the plane down at the precise location where these “special forces” sprang into action and killed off all of the survivors. When this video made the light of day, it did not take long for retribution to occur. I have been told that the videographer was stabbed to death in Moscow while walking down the street. This is what criminal bankster, mafia inspired regime change looks like. Bankster inspired regime change does not begin and end with Poland.

Lincoln, JFK and McKinley are all US Presidents who have been murdered to fulfill bankster goals. Saddam Hussein, Hugo Chavez and Gaddafi were all murdered when they defied the central banking cartel. However, assassinating leaders to bring about policy change is one thing, simultaneously controlling the world is quite another. A strong move to control the entire world is underway and it will culminate in World War III and then the world will see a New World Order created out of the existing chaos (i.e. out of chaos comes order).

The Undeniable Facts

The US was made the world policeman following World War II. At the Breton Woods 1944 summit, the central bankers decided to also make the dollar the world’s reserve currency and thus the Petrodollar was born. The Petrodollar provides that all nations must first purchase Federal Reserve Notes (i.e. the dollar) prior to purchasing oil. This allows the bankers to continue to plunder the US treasury, under the auspices of the IRS, yet maintain some degree of dollar solvency by providing some measure of “backing up” the dollar in the world’s oil business.

There is no question that the Bank of International Settlement is managing a world crisis which permitted the rise of Russia and China on the world’s economic scene. The banksters have permitted Putin to acquire huge sums of mineral resources (e.g. natural gas and petroleum) and the Russian economy has been revived. The Chinese economy is riding the wave of industrialization. Predictably, both China and Russia as well as the other BRIC nations have grown weary of the rigged economic game being perpetrated by the Petrodollar and a predictable and planned bankster inspired conflict is arising.

The BRICS Strike Back

The BRIC nations have begun to strike back at the once complete dominance of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. What product could totally undermine what would be a totally fiat currency if it were not for the Petrodollar? It would be, of course, gold!

Any gold based economy, or even partial gold based economy backed currency will hold its value much more solidly than the oil backed dollar as gold is the most sound medium of exchange on the planet.

In order to challenge American dominance in the world in an economic system which guarantees last place for the rest of the world, it was predictable that the rising economies of the BRICS would seek to challenge the economic dominance of the US Petrodollar in order to close the economic gap which lies between the BRICS and the United States. For example, China can own the debt of the US, but so long as the Petrodollar is in play as the dominant medium of economic exchange, the BRIC will always compete for second place. Meanwhile, the US military and its NATO allies, the instrument of ultimate global oppression used against leaders who deviate from the script written in Basel, will continue to dominate until all parties are brought to the battlefield by a cleverly arranged plot being fermented by the likes of the IMF, the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlement.

In the world of central banking there are three groups.

1. The Bank of International Settlement and its World Bank and IMF subsidiaries.

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2. The central banks of the world such as the Federal Reserve form the second tier of power in the world.

3. Then there are the half dozen, or so, countries who are resisting central banking debt enslavement as a means of control coming out of Basel. Poland, Libya and Iraq are recent examples of nations who have been dealt with and their central banking resistant leaders have been exterminated. Venezuela is in the process of being dealt with after the demise of Chavez. Brazil, Russia, India and China, along with their puppet North Korean government are going to be dealt with in the upcoming World War III.

What Does This Mean for America?

The existence of the Federal Reserve Note and ultimately the Federal Reserve itself, is being challenged by the fact that the useful idiot nations of Iran and Syria are serving as a powder keg for a global war of ultimate unification. The BRIC nations have pinned their hope on circumventing the Petrodollar through purchasing Iran’s oil in gold in a move which ties together all the elements of this conspiracy.

Subsequently, the Federal Reserve Board have been put in the untenable position to be fighting for survival over the Iranian situation. Iran is the focal point of who and what is going to dominate the world’s economic scene. Will it be gold or the Petrodollar? The bastards from Basel are literally laughing all the way to the bank. Not only have they been funding the rise of the forces in this future conflict, these banksters know that the coming war between the gold backed BRIC nations and the Petrodollar will result in a conflict in which neither the dollar, nor gold will be the world’s future medium of exchange. Out of this chaos, will come the order of a new currency created in Basel.

The ultimate script here in America has to do with getting the American people to accept a slide into World War III. For that to happen, there has to be a monumental depression. I am still calling for an economic collapse which will most likely be triggered by a Stock Market collapse. Then the following scenario will come into play, a scenario which I have been touting for 18 months.

1. False flag event(s) to create absolute chaos and havoc.

2. The roll-out of martial law in order to martial all resources needed to help the Federal Reserve and subsequently squash all domestic resistance to the coming conflict.

3. World War III will proceed without American domestic opposition and simultaneously consist of confiscating all American guns and destroying the Constitution.

It is in this time, that the events surrounding the Petrodollar and the crisis in Ukraine will begin to make perfect sense to all who are paying attention.

Those of you who think that abolishing the Federal Reserve is the key to eliminating the oppression of the American people, are sadly mistaken. If you really want to understand what we, as Americans, are up against, you must set your sights much higher up on the food chain.

Part two of this series will identify the key chess pieces and their role in the perpetrating of the final act being played out on the world stage in which Obama, Putin, Assad et al., are merely actors in a play contained in a script which was written a long time ago… written by the ultimate masters of manipulation. The countdown to Armageddon has begun.

Part two will be published early tomorrow morning.

Dave Hodges is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show.