What does a Patriot look like? Hmmm….

That’s a very good question.

If we trace our roots back to 1776 we will find that Patriots are not your typical lot. We are hell raisers and roughnecks. We come from all walks of life but share a common bond.

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That bond is love of country.

I was approached last week by a company called Guns & Gasoline that offered to make us some private label “Revolution Loading” t-shirts. I jumped at the chance. Why? Well this is my kind of shirt and something I am proud to put my name beside. I don’t normally send solicitations on the blog and won’t make it a habit, but I do want you to be aware that we now have these shirts available

Here is the front/back of the shirt…



You can’t necessarily see it in this picture (the site has a better photo) but “” is arched above the logo on the back. This is a private label shirt for our readers.

You can order one here if you would like. Just click on the ad below…


The shirts are $17.50. We are getting a small discount for D.C. Clothesline readers (normally $20). I didn’t negotiate that. They simply gave us that discount without asking. That’s very generous of them. I’m not totally sure if that discount is permanent or just for the product launch. I guess we shall find out.

If there was ever a shirt in your wardrobe that made a statement about who you are, this would certainly be it. I’d rank this one right up there with my “Help I have been swallowed by a fat guy” shirt. 🙂

Now let’s be completely honest. A shirt doesn’t make a Patriot. That’s an absurd statement. But my Mom always told me two things.

  1. Always wear clean underwear.
  2. If you plan to overthrow the government, please make sure you look good while doing it.

One of the two above statements may be highly exaggerated. I’m just practicing for when I enter politics. 😉

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Sorry, the truth is that the shirts are cool and I want one. Mine is on the way. (Pssst… I got a FREE one but I would have paid for it if I had to.)

If you want one we will have these up on the site for awhile. There is also a link in the right side bar. It’s all supply and demand. If people don’t want them or stop buying them they will disappear just like an anti-government loud-mouth on Obama’s secret list.

These shirts deserve good homes.

Onward Patriots…

This is our time!!!