Imagine for a moment that this were your daughter. She’s a 19-year-old woman named Lamia who returned from the “Sex Jihad” in Syria carrying not only a child but the AIDS virus. And for what? I don’t think anyone seems to get it. Women are not equals in Islam. It’s debatable whether they are even considered human beings. Where I am from a 19-year-old girl may not always be innocent, but most are either exploring their freshman year in college or getting a start on their young adulthood. Most don’t have children by this age and certainly very few become infected with AIDS.

Not many know the savagery of being beaten and abused by men sexually and physically. Not many know the feeling of rape. Even fewer know the feeling of rape that is considered justified. My heart breaks for this young woman.

Our friend Raymond Ibrahim reports:

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Her name is Lamia, and she’s 19-years-old. While in Syria, she had sex with jihadis fighting to overthrow the secular Bashar Assad regime. Among other nationalities she recalls having slept with were Pakistanis, Afghanis, Libyans, Tunisians, Iraqis, Saudis, and Somalis, all in the context of the “sex jihad.”

How many young women do you know that can make that claim? It gets worse. Ibrahim continues:

Lamia confessed that she did not know how many men had sex with her and that all that she remembers is being abused, beaten, and forced to do things “that contradict all sense of human worth.” She also said that she met many Tunisian women including one who died while being tortured for trying to escape. (This, too, has precedents, including at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.)

Finally, released back to Tunisia, Lamia has been to a doctor finding that she is five months pregnant. Both she and her unborn are carrying the aids virus.

She doesn’t even know how many men she slept with. This poor child. She is no longer a “child” by anyone’s stretch of the imagination. There is no innocence left.

I lost my virginity at 19. And it was not something I am proud of today. At the time my hormones were raging but at 44 I realize that it was a bad choice. At 19 it seemed like the right thing to do. Though fewer and fewer people do it, it is still best to save one’s self for marriage.

In Islam even saving one’s self for marriage does not seem to work out for the women. Do you remember the story of the 8-year-old girl who died of internal injuries because of her WEDDING NIGHT?

These people are sick. I will show no tolerance for a religion which teaches that these things are acceptable.

I show no love to the pedophile or rapist who is now locked up for 20 years in a state prison. I will not show love to anyone who commits the same atrocities in the name of Allah.

Many of you have probably heard that I had my Google account disabled this week. I am trying to go through the appeal process for that but we shall see what happens.

In the mean time I applied to a new ad network yesterday. I got a rejection. Their reasoning? I will give them credit for not sugar-coating it. They simply said, “Hate speech.”

When these crimes come to America many people will look back and find that one man’s hate speech is now their truth.

No amount of money in the world will make me sugar coat things like sex jihad and child brides. None of these men are going to prison. None of them will be registered sex offenders.

This is Islam and this is encouraged behavior.

If big national companies don’t want to advertise on my website because I tell the truth, well, at least I can sleep at night knowing I am no prostitute.

Wake up America. These could be your daughters, granddaughters or sisters. This is not acceptable. I have 5 girls ages 2 months to 10 years. If such things happened to one of them I might have to cut off a Muslim’s head. Then I’d probably make him eat it while I sawed off his other head.

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Sorry folks but someone needs to start getting angry. We can only turn the other cheek so many times.

We shed tears for those who died in the chemical attacks but they may have been lucky compared to a young woman who will live with these horrid memories until her final breath. We should pray that this young woman can find peace.

She is correct. These things do “contradict all sense of human worth.”

So let’s send her tormentors some weapons and launch a few missiles at their enemies.

What is wrong with this picture and why aren’t more people furious? Don’t ask me, I am asking you. I’m just a guy who gets angry and goes off on rants that lead to hate speech.

Is all humanity lost these days? I ache emotionally and spiritually for these girls. They make my problems seem very minor.

Imagine how bad it would be if they were my own daughters…or YOURS.