A video allegedly showing Mohamed Al Alami's funeral was posted online last weekWhat is going on at Guantanamo Bay? As we reform and rehabilitate these men I wonder if the real reason they are there is to recuperate, regroup, retrain and charge out to the front lines refreshed.

I know this might sound silly but it is no more ludicrous than our foreign policy for Syria.

Guantanamo Bay is now basically a boot camp for Obama’s world wide mercenary army.

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Since this man was killed fighting for the forces of the Free Syrian Army am I supposed to believe he has been rehabilitated? After all, Barack Obama tells me that these are the good guys and Al Qaeda is now our friend.

This entire country is upside down.

According to The Daily Mail:

A former Guantanamo Bay prisoner who fought against British and US forces in Afghanistan has been killed while fighting for Al Qaeda in Syria.

Mohammed Al Alami was released from the top-security detention centre in 2006 after convincing officials that he was no longer a threat to the West.

The 37-year-old, who spent four years in custody, claimed he confessed to being a terrorist only after being beaten and threatened with death.

But it has now been revealed that he was killed last month while fighting for Al Nusra Front, one of the most violent and ruthless Islamic groups in Syria.

A video posted on YouTube last week showed a funeral in which Alami is praised by a rebel leader for enduring ‘the prison of the Americans in  Guantanamo… where he did not reform or change’.

The disclosure will further fuel concerns that Britain and the United States should not become embroiled in Syria’s civil war, in which Al Qaeda-affiliated groups are playing an increasingly prominent role, with hundreds of rebel fighters reportedly defecting to them.

Western intelligence agencies including MI6 and the CIA fear that any weapons sent to bring down the regime of Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad could used to attack the West in the future.

Even if Assad doesn’t use them against us, the Al Qaeda Rebels will. Let’s not act like these people are any kind of true allies to us. They are Obama’s buddies and that’s about it. They don’t even like Obama. They only keep him around because he pays his jizya.

He’s like that kid from college that annoyed everyone, but was rich and would always buy lots of beer. You let him hang around because you needed him, but as soon as he stopped buying beer you severed the infidel’s head for the disrespect he had brought down upon you and your beer drinking buddies.

Or something like that… We don’t really severe heads here, at least not very often. That would be a Muslim thing.

Is there no common sense in America?

People that want to support either side in Syria, where both sides are bad, need to just shut the hell up and go over there and fight.

I’ve heard that Allah is throwing in extra virgins for anyone who dies this month. So go over there and “get you some” and leave the rest of the country out of it.

Does Obama really want to close Guantanamo? I’m not sure if he does. He certainly doesn’t act like it. It has been awhile since he made that promise.

But I certainly can not attest to this being a glowing testimonial for what is going on there. You can’t rehabilitate men who think they are killing in the name of their god. They only gain extra motivation while they are there. So if we are going to keep it open we need to lock these guys up and throw away the key. If we do release them for some reason we should not act like there is any real hope that they have been rehabilitated.