This. is. so nuts. The US government is using our hard-earned infidel dollars to produce videos exploiting children to proselytize for Islam. What’s this got to do with the National Park Service? We are going bankrupt as a nation, people can’t get work, and the National Park Service is shilling for sharia and jihad under the guise of women’s rights? Madness.


Don’t hold your breath for the beauty of Christianity or Judaism version. This really calls for an investigation. We are under seige by the Obama administration.

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Contact Obama appointee. Jonathan Jarvis, email  [email protected], phone  (202) 208-3818

Women’s Rights National Historical Park
136 Fall Street
Seneca Falls. NY 13148

Office telephone 315.568.2991

Office fax 315.568.2141

“National Park Service Produces Videos Praising Islam’s Contributions To Women’s Rights,” from theIndependent Journal Review, September 18, 2013 (thanks to Robert Spencer) :

Another example of your hard-earned tax dollars at work! Apparently, the National Park Service has a ton of money lying around and thought that maybe producing some pro-Islam videos might further their mission to provide national parks to Americans.

Seems legit.

So they hired a media person to visit the AnNur Islamic School in Schenectady, NY and got the real truth about Islam. Which may surprise you.

From the first part of the 3 videos at the 4:45 mark:

People think that Islam oppresses women and there’s no equality, but they’re wrong – there’s equity… 7th century A.D. Islam gave women the right to be involved in politics, the right to earn and keep her own money. Islam gave women the right to work outside of the home, Islam gave women the right to own property, Islam gave women the right to divorce, Islam gave women the right to choose who she marries. Islam gave women a whole bunch of rights that Western women acquired later in the 19th and 20th centuries and we’ve had these rights since the 7th century A.D. and it’s just not acknowledged worldwide.

It’s fantastic that the National Park Service is out there using taxpayer dollars to correct the false record against Muslims, such as the “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood’s scathing backlash against the UN’s Declaration on Women’s Rights. Or Muslim states’ objection to “gay rights” at a UN human rights forum – we wouldn’t want these countries to be confused with Vladimir Putin’s Russia, for Allah’s sake!

And if you happen to be Muslim, it not like there’s anything wrong with that. Ok then. Here’s a second film about Muslims!


And more propaganda…


Pamela Geller is the Editor of Atlas Shrugs and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.