It seems that semi-automatic guns are victims of racism. That’s right. The left despises them for being black. They just have to assume when there is a shooting, it must have been committed by an AR-15, isn’t that right? That’s exactly right, and following Monday’s shooting at the Washington Navy yard, the New York Daily News ran with a cover that declared “Same Gun Different Slay,” featuring a picture of an AR-15. The problem? There was no Ar-15 found at the scene.

That didn’t keep the Mike Lupica from posting a story complete with a diatribe and pictures against Congress for not pushing more gun control laws. He even posted a bloody Capitol building with the words “Blood on your hands,” complete with pictures of Sandy Hook victims. Clearly this was a journalism agenda gone horribly bad.

In fact, the FBI confirmed today that a shotgun and two pistols were recovered and that the “gunman was NOT armed with [an] AR-15.”

So the guy was armed with what Vice President Joe Biden is armed with. Biden claims to own a Beretta semi-automatic handgun and a shotgun. In fact, Biden even encourages people to own shotguns. Oh no!

Lupica wrote:

This time the shooter is reported to be a Navy reservist named Aaron Alexis and when he is shot dead by law enforcement, taken out before he can put a gun to his own head the way Lanza did, he has his light, handy assault weapon with him, and a semiautomatic pistol, and a shotgun.

Yes, assault weapon, as we have become accustomed to anti-Second Amendment advocates referring to semi-automatic rifles, specifically AR-15s, was included without any evidence of such a weapon being used.


Lupica has yet to update his article to reflect the fact that no AR-15 was used, but he did make sure to remind everyone about the Sandy Hook shooting and the Aurora, Colorado shooting last year. He also took jabs at the National Rifle Association.

Apparently, Mr. Lupica didn’t have a problem with Barack Obama coming out and politicizing the shooting almost immediately following it, blasting his political opponents callously.

It didn’t end there though, one has to wonder how the alleged shooter Aaron Alexis even got these weapons into the place he engaged in his murderous rampage. Did he steal them from the guards?

It then gets really deep as CNN’s British looney ton Piers Morgan took on several pro-gun advocates, including John Lott and Ben Ferguson in continuing his diatribe against the AR-15 and other semi-automatic firearms in mass shootings, just like he always does. He never learns and always ends up sore from a nationally televised spanking, such as the ones viewed here, here, here, here, here, here and here.


Interesting enough, Ed Morrissey points out:

Presented mostly as a public service, since nothing in this segment will change minds, nor was it designed to do so. CNN’s Piers Morgan wanted to gather a panel for a public beating over the mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard and the AR-15 rifle used in the crime as a means for arguing for a federal assault-rifle ban. John Lott and Ben Ferguson exist only in this paradigm as objects for Morgan’s righteous anger and indignation, but instead operate more as a sounding board for his ignorance:

Unfortunately for Morgan and practically everyone else who leaped to exploit this for an assault-weapons ban, the shooter apparently only carried a shotgun into the base and may not have had an AR-15 at all. And note, by the way, that CNN buried this little tidbit today in a retrospective on crimes in which the AR-15 has been used:

However, federal law enforcement sources told CNN Tuesday that authorities have recovered three weapons from the scene of the mass shooting, including one — a shotgun — that investigators believe Alexis brought in to the compound. The other two weapons, which sources say were handguns, may have been taken from guards at the Navy complex.

The sources, who have detailed knowledge of the investigation, cautioned that initial information that an AR-15 was used in the shootings may have been incorrect. It is believed that Alexis had rented an AR-15, but returned it before Monday morning’s shootings. Authorities are still investigating precisely how many weapons Alexis had access to and when.


I’m just betting this is why CNN and Piers Morgan have such low ratings. Sometimes, even CNN doesn’t consistently represent its violent crime and gun statistics with their primetime joke, I mean host. We already know that Morgan lost a job across the pond for fabricating stories. Sadly, the Communist News Network picked him up here in America.

Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.