obama ramadanWho else recalls the hoops George W. Bush had to jump through to go into Iraq?

Who else remembers the endless documentation from every US intel agency and the intel from our allies across the world concerning Saddam Hussein’s WMD?Years of intel. And majority validation by Democrats and Republicans (who can forget Hillary?)

And still Bush was monstrously vilified.

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Now we have a puffed-up, truly great phony going into Syria still without having provided adequate evidence that Assad is using chemical weapons. Or whose chemical weapons? The WMD the Democrats didn’t exist? Saddam’s? These?These?

An Iranian proxy vs Al Qaeda/ Muslim Brotherhood opposition. Only a puffed up moron would jump into those shark-infested waters. At least Assad protected the millions of religious minorites in Syria.

And now he bypasses the UN, something that as a Senator he never would have let Bush get away with. He is a self-important buffoon hurling the United States into catastrophic action. Where is the statecraft? What can we expect Syria (or Egypt and Libya, for that matter) to look like in ten or twenty years, after Obama wreaks havoc and assists in Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaeda reigns of terror?

And the Republicans are in the tank for him. Who will stop this tyrant?


Pamela Geller is the Editor of Atlas Shrugs and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.