ali-al-harbi_michelleobamaAbout 80% of Americans say they want congressional approval for military action in Syria, and though I hope I am wrong, I am afraid they will get it. Even if they do not, The Obama Administration is acting as if they will proceed anyway.

Paul Joseph Watson reports:

While Obama’s surprise decision to seek Congressional authorization for the attack has prompted speculation that he is creating a clever exit strategy after painting himself into a corner with a year of unsustainable “red line” rhetoric, administration officials have signaled that next week’s scheduled vote will make little difference to a decision that has already been made.

Fox News’ James Rosen was told by a senior State Department official that, “the president’s decision to take military action in Syria still stands, and will indeed be carried out, regardless of whether Congress votes next week to approve the use of such force.”

So why did Obama concede and ask for congressional approval? I don’t really know. There could be a lot of reasons. But above all I happen to believe that he knows he will get that approval.

Today I can’t help but think of Glenn Beck and the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombings. Beck was trying so hard to prove that Al Harbi was connected to that tragedy and who could blame him? Al Harbi has relatives in Guantanamo as well as other relatives on International Terrorist Most Wanted Lists.

Yet, none of us ever had a chance to make that connection as Al Harbi was quickly whisked out of the country. If there is one question I would like to ask Tsarnaev, it is simply how Al Harbi might have been involved. We will never know. Why? Because he was a Saudi national and we don’t mess with the Saudis.

What does that have to do with Syria?


The United States does not really have “allies” and “enemies” that are based on a strict moral code. Moral codes only apply when money is irrelevant. I am going to put a list of the current top-15 oil producing nations below and then we will talk about what no one wants to talk about. This is from Wikipedia, and I will note that I have seen lists where Russia and Saudi Arabia are inverted. (Where Saudi Arabia is #1)

1  Russia 10,900,000 13.28% 2013 est.[7][8]
2  Saudi Arabia 9,900,000 12.65% 2013 est.[7][9]
3  United States 8,453,000 9.97% 2013 est.
4  Iran 4,231,000 4.77% 2013 est.
5  China 4,073,000 4.56% 2013 est.
6  Canada 3,592,000 3.90% 2013 est.
7  Iraq 3,400,000 3.75% 2013 est.
8  United Arab Emirates 3,087,000 3.32% 2013 est.
9  Venezuela 3,023,000 4.74% 2013 est.
10  Mexico 2,934,000 3.56% 2013 est.
11  Kuwait 2,682,000 2.96% 2013 est.
12  Brazil 2,633,000 3.05% 2013 est.
13  Nigeria 2,525,000 2.62% 2013 est.
14  Norway 1,998,000 2.79% 2013 est.
15  Algeria 1,885,000 2.52% 2013 est.

The numbers are barrels produced per day and overall percentage of the world production.

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I was a rather young man when we went to war with Iraq and I don’t know that I understood what I do today. If you think about the countries in the path of Iraq (Kuwait and Saudi Arabia) you will understand that the #7 oil producer had invaded the #11 oil producer and could have theoretically kept going to Saudi Arabia, who currently produces roughly 1 out of every 8 barrels of oil used by the entire world.

I don’t think that our original actions against Iraq had as much to do with helping Kuwait as it did with protecting Saudi Arabia.

It is my opinion that this is also why we are getting involved in Syria and why I think congress will approve it. It’s about oil.

Syria is not on that list but a lot of people aren’t talking about Saudi Arabia’s role in this civil war. Saudi Arabia is aiding the Syrian Rebels. This is why our lawmakers are going to feel like they must get involved, though not many will admit it. Saudi Arabia is asking for our involvement and we don’t make it a habit of telling them “no.”

The United States feels like it must cater to every whim of the Saudi government because if they ever lost this ally to Russia, the playing field would change dramatically.

By the way, Syria is ranked 32nd in World Oil Production and at 0.48% of the world production they are pretty insignificant. Saudi Arabia is not.

When you see First Lady Michelle Obama visit a Saudi National in the hospital as alternative media is screaming for his arrest, you will understand the true politics of our decision makers.

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America, it’s about oil. The Saudis have oil and money and we like oil and money.

I loved both Bush’s, but the more and more I research, the less and less I like what I am seeing. Obama is acting no different. It’s not a Republican/Democrat thing. It’s an American thing. When oil calls we respond.

It actually goes both ways. What about Afghanistan? Osama Bin Laden was born in Saudi Arabia. A lot of people in Saudi Arabia were obviously against American intervention in Afghanistan but not the Saudi government. They let us use their air bases as a source of attack, rather than staying neutral. Here is a quote from a Department of State briefing for congress entitled Operation Enduring Freedom: Foreign Pledges of Military & Intelligence Support:

Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government appears set to allow the United States to use Prince Sultan Air Base for coordination of air operations over Afghanistan. However, the United States and Saudis have agreed not to publicly detail Saudi cooperation. Saudi Arabia, home to the bin Laden family, is also providing the United States with intelligence information, and reportedly will allow overflights, refueling operations, and logistical support for U.S. operations.

Saudi Arabia is not much different than we are. It’s not about right and wrong, or public opinion. It’s about the rich oil partners sticking together. Remember, America is #3 and projected by some to take over the #1 spot within our lifetime. Saudi Arabia will not risk upsetting us any more than we will risk upsetting them.

America’s current standard method of operation is to find an excuse to get involved or start any war that is about protecting oil or about supporting alliances of those who have oil.

But wait a minute? So if it’s all about oil then why did America go to war in Afghanistan? Well, it should be noted that there are other forms of energy and Afghanistan is also an important logistical point on the map with regard to oil routes. According to

While Afghanistan is acknowledged as a strategic hub in Central Asia, bordering on the former Soviet Union, China and Iran, at the crossroads of pipeline routes and major oil and gas reserves, its huge mineral wealth as well as its untapped natural gas reserves have remained, until June 2010, totally unknown to the American public.

According to a joint report by the Pentagon, the US Geological Survey (USGS) and USAID, Afghanistan is now said to possess “previously unknown” and untapped mineral reserves, estimated authoritatively to be of the order of one trillion dollars (New York Times, U.S. Identifies Vast Mineral Riches in Afghanistan –, June 14, 2010, See also BBC, 14 June 2010).

I’m sure we didn’t know that going in. I’m sure it was all about Bin Laden. Why were we over there digging for minerals anyway? I thought we were supposed to be providing stability to that country, not digging up the landscape. Saudi Arabia was instrumental in the initial rebuilding of Afghanistan (after their run-in with the Soviets). I wonder if they might have mentioned something to the U.S. about what they found over there. 🙂

I keep saying it’s about oil and truly it’s about anything that turns into money. Gas deposits and huge gold deposits would certainly qualify. It’s about resources.

Congress will vote for war in Syria. I am almost positive that they will. They will say it’s about this horrible chemical attack and truthfully for many it will be about something else.

If America loses touch with countries like Saudi Arabia then it puts our oil situation in a different light. We all know about our huge oil reserves and of the Keystone Pipeline controversy.

It’s about the ultimate form of greed which is hoarding. As long as America can keep touch with a huge oil supply, without having to touch its own reserves, then it will always be in a position of power in negotiations.

It is in our best interest economically to support Saudi Arabia in their war against Assad. That’s the truth of it. We want to keep the rich guys happy.

What the American people must decide is if it is worth continually killing people, including our own soldiers, just so we can continue to be spoiled and rich Americans.

We live in a country where poor people get free phones. Even though the economy is bad, we have never had to experience what the really impoverished people of this world have.

So I ask you America… Is it worth continuing to go to war just for the sake of oil and material wealth?

Some things are more important than money. America needs to learn that.

The American people are basically good and honest people. Our government is not. You can bust my chops all you want but you know there is a lot of truth to what I am saying.

I will support our troops as I always do, but I will not support the reasons for this war.

I am smart enough to know that it is not about a chemical attack.

Do you think congress will approve? Let’s not forget about the shocking numbers when Rand Paul tried to stop funding Egypt.