I don’t get excited about too many Republican candidates because like many of our readers I feel Lee Bright Bashes Obama’s “Muslim Extremism”like I was sold out years ago by a party I grew up loving. Today I consider myself an independent but when the votes are cast you will see a lot of “red” on my ballot and it might be all “red.” I’m simply a conscientious objector to what has become of a party that left me behind. With that said, occasionally there is a candidate that makes my blood pump as it used to.

Lindsey Graham makes me throw up in my mouth a little. The effeminate South Carolina RINO (Republican in Name Only) reminds me more of Nancy Pelosi than Ronald Reagan. In fact I consider that an insult to Pelosi, because at least she admits that she is a democrat.

Now we have this upstart named Lee Bright that is giving us real hope in South Carolina to unseat the man whose lips are permanently affixed to John McCain’s ass.

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In recent interviews Lee Bright has had some very choice words for both Lindsey Graham and Barack Obama.

Fitsnews reports:

S.C. Sen. Lee Bright (R-Spartanburg) is ramping up the rhetoric in his bid against U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (RINO-S.C.). The social conservative bomb thrower – who previously (and aptly) labeled Graham a “community organizer for the Muslim Brotherhood” – now has his sights on U.S. President Barack Obama.

But is he reaching too far in an effort to throw red meat to the Palmetto State’s GOP base?

In a wide-ranging piece on the Palmetto State’s U.S. Senate race published by CNN’s Peter Hamby late Friday, Bright took off the gloves against Obama – saying he has “certain embedded hostilities to the American way of life.”

We’re obviously not going to argue that point … Obama is clearly hostile to constitutional liberty and the free market economy, two pillars of our (rapidly eroding) “American way of life.”

But Bright wasn’t done …

“He is more in line with Muslim extremists than he is with Muslims,” Bright continued. “He seems to identify with their cause.”

The article goes on to state that Bright backed off his stance a little and said that he would take Obama on his word that he was a Christian. Don’t back off Lee. People want to hear the truth. We are sick of politics as usual and the truth needs to come out about the danger of Islam in regards to the future of this country.

Steven Ahle, wrote this of Bright in an endorsement by Red Statements:

Red Statements recognizes the continuance of Lindsay Graham as senator from South Carolina is intolerable.  We here in the Palmetto State need a representative who reflects our conservative values and who does not “go along to get along’ or wants the job to improve their personal desires.  South Carolina needs Lee Bright.  Lee Bright is not a follower, he is a leader.

Glenn Beck’s, The Blaze asks if Lee Bright is the next Ted Cruz.  The answer is a resounding yes.  Bright has a 100% score from the  South Carolina Club For Growth and a 92% conservative rating from the conservative union.

Lee Bright may not be the next Ted Cruz as is evidenced by the fact that he retreated after starting his recent attack on Obama. But I think South Carolina is due for a serious upgrade.

Hopefully he will get over that need to pull back because we need a couple of vipers on the right side of the aisle. If we have a Radical Muslim Extremist in The White House then people need to hear it. Conservative Americans already know the truth. There is no sense in trying to use good manners.

This fight is life or death, quite literally. So get out there and call Lindsey Graham the demon that he is and expose the fact that he serves President Lucifer. People are OK with the truth.

In fact we demand it.