obamaclown2I am disgusted with a lot of right-wing bloggers and websites as I write this. As soon as Barack Obama makes a decision to do the right thing, everyone starts to pile on. We were piling on before because there was a real chance that his decision could start World War III. I for one am happy that we now have a chance to avoid this.

The big story is now the irreparable damage that has just been done to Obama’s credibility. It’s just another excuse to pile on.

Why is everyone acting like Barack Obama had credibility to begin with?

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The only place where Barack Obama has a serious amount of credibility is with those who drink his Kool Aid in America. Outside of the U.S. he is not accepted in the same regard, at least not by the countries that really matter.

The Kenyans laugh at us every day because they know where Barack Obama was born. There is a place called Hawaii in Kenya (true story) so Obama isn’t technically lying.

What Putin and Russia think of Obama is common knowledge. They are giving Edward Snowden refuge for Pete’s sake. And all the while they have listened to Obama whine about it. All of the hostility did not start with this situation in Syria.

Egyptians have called him out for funding terrorists. Do you not think the rest of the world has noticed that?

Internationally it is known that Barack Obama is very much responsible for what happened in Benghazi. Somehow the people in this country don’t believe anything is truth if it’s not on network news. Most of the real Benghazi evidence is coming from the Arab world and no one seems to know about it here.

Here’s a thought… What do you think Mexico feels about Obama arming drug cartels south of the border?

What do you think Israel, one of our oldest and most trusted allies, thinks about Obama and Kerry recognizing and funding the State of Palestine? What a fine reward for loyalty.

And how do you think countries like Canada and The U.K. feel about Obama trying to drag them into a war before he even had evidence to support his claims? Germany basically laughed at us and gave the old “not interested” response.

What about North Korea, Afghanistan, Cuba, China and Iraq? Do you think they like Obama? Don’t make me laugh.

Yes I realize that I just listed a bunch of our traditional enemies but I thought this guy was supposed to be a Nobel Peace Prize winner. You would think that he could make some of our enemies love us.

Actually he has made a few enemies love us and the world knows it. Wherever there is Hamas, Hezbollah, The Muslim Brotherhood, The Taliban or Al Qaeda in need, Obama has an open checkbook.

I am not worried about Obama’s credibility. This man will be gone in time.

I am worried about the credibility of America.

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But even then, I am not too worried. As much as the citizens of the planet like to throw stones, they really don’t have too much bad to say about The Land of 300 Million Guns. At least not to our faces. 🙂

Oh, and good job Obama for giving us a temporary respite from World War III. I respect you much more than I did yesterday, which isn’t much.