StoryAs the fires of public interest surrounding Obama’s prominent Benghazi scandal are being reported as receding by a loyally obsequious Sheep dog media, I dismiss this claim for the iconoclast drivel it is that we’ve come to expect from such an immodestly degenerate press. Speaking for myself, I haven’t observed noticeable recession of interest by anyone among the circles I travel in. If anything, interest has only become heightened with the emergence of yet another, even more abhorrent scandal we’re coming to know now as Extortion 17. A scandal indicating an even higher fatality rate than that of Benghazi, predating Benghazi by just over a year. A scandal that focuses on the suspicious deaths of 22 SEAL Team 6 Special Forces Servicemen who died under ominous circumstances in the August 6th, 2011, take down of a CH47-D Chinook helicopter crash in Wardak Province, Afghanistan by Taliban insurgents.

As everyone came to know courtesy of Vice President Joe Biden (a doddering scholar of profound stupidity), SEAL team 6 is the Naval Special Warfare unit credited with the May 2nd, 2011, elimination of al-Qaeda founder & 9/11 architect Osama bin Laden. Afforded the benefit of hindsight, I can’t help speculating that with as effective as this administration & their side-kick media were initially at suppressing public awareness to so many grisly & disturbing details surrounding Extortion 17, if they didn’t refer to it as the template for applying the same tactics at suppressing public knowledge concerning the disclosure of the horrific details stemming from Benghazi too. If true, something got lost in translation because that Horse bit the dirt butt over hooves almost as soon as it left the gate.

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We have a timeline spanning four & a half years under Barack Hussein Obama, that’s become an extensive repository of being nothing but one consecutive example after another of acrimonious demagoguery, arbitrary usurpations, & overt despotism couched in the ambiguous accents of fallacious political rhetoric. Four & a half years pockmarked & scorched by a relentless fusillade of scandal bombshells. Some of which played significant roles in the deaths of dozens of U.S. military personnel & one United States Ambassador. In a sane world, that alone would torpedo any politicians political career, if not resulting in subsequent prosecution to boot. Especially if the politician in question were white, but as we’ve come to discover from Obama, being black in “his” America comes with a privileged “gravy train on biscuit wheels” status for those loyalist minorities who tow the Democrat Party line. You need only reference the sordid aftermath in the George Zimmerman trial verdict to understand the extent of influence Obama & his fellow race baiting peers have wielded over an eclectic ensemble of deviant nihilists responsible for so much social upheaval & committing so many acts of what was essentially domestic terrorism.

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Combined with the fact that everything else Obama has done in his governing & brandishing of executive powers have inevitably conduced to our detriment as a Nation (even as he aids & supports known radical Islamic militants), where’s any opposition?! If we had a genuine opposition Party in the GOP, I’d think the evidence would be compelling towards suggesting an established chronic pattern of criminal behavior in this rogue President, but (as usual) political correctness sets the terms & the lunatics just skate by, twirling the keys to the asylum around their fingers as they go. It’s outrageous this bizarre reality we get shoved in our faces day in & day out. Only to have this oligarchy of elitists who have seized our government from us trying (through a combination of manipulative political legerdemain & arrogant condescension) to cast doubt & make us question the veracity of the corruption we see going on with our own eyes.     522110_10151735482669741_2135532200_n

When we have the notion seriously being floated on Capitol Hill to nominate Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas (who apparently doesn’t know Mars from the Moon), to the position of Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, what hope is left for this Country? I mean really, & despite having Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) of the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee on National Security, leading the charge into a “probe” of Extortion 17, how many of you really hold out any hope at there being substantive results forthcoming from this probe? When you look back at all of Obama’s other scandals over the last four & a half years, with their own investigations & hearings. What do we have to show for those? Besides millions in squandered tax dollars.

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