communism-usaThere are no fixed, distinct class distinctions in the United States of America today. Oh, the Kennedys and the Rockefellers and the other, similar, familial clans would like you to think otherwise, as there are distinct social, political, and financial advantages in that for them all. But essentially, America is a classless society. The internet marketing sensation, the singer, the rapper, the actor, the best-selling author, the lottery winner, the inventor, the national athlete – all of these are well monied individuals. They can buy friends, and fame, and can readily marry into the established monied families. Yes, upward mobility is possible in America, and desired, and sought after. But it is not promised to all.

Essentially, everyone in the U.S., like in England, is bourgeois. Everyone has someone they can look down their noses at. This makes America and England immune to a Communist Revolution on that score. There will be no leveling of Americans into one poverty-stricken proletariat class.

This does not mean that there are no Progressives, or Socialists, or Communists, whatever you want to call their sneaky, lying asses, in our country. There are lots of them among the rich, who all think of themselves as the future, benevolent Masters of the masses. Our government is full of them, too. Just look at the current Administration in the White House.

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Beware of the Social Architect. A Society can never be molded without first pulverizing some, and crushing the rest, and taking away from them all.

There has been a lot of consternation in various circles about excessive, unsustainable government spending in general. People ask, “How will this all be paid for?”

I will answer that with another question; “Did Detroit just default, or not?”

So the answer is, that those who are doing all of the spending have no intention of paying any of it back. They are Social Architects.

Let me explain. You can never have a revolution in a country without the direct support of the middle class. They, in the aggregate, produce the majority of the wages necessary to do anything. They, in the aggregate, control most of the property in a country. They also control a good amount of the wealth in any country. Without them on board, you are sunk.

So, how do you get them on board? Simply by oppressing them, but making it look as if this oppression is coming from other sources. You beat them down through the implementation of policies that require an ever increasing expropriation of what its theirs. This is best done by increasing the size of the government, and increasing the amount of handouts to the rich and poor, and taxing the crap out of the middle clasess to pay for it all. As they see their living standards eroding, they start demanding change. And who are the only parties that can provide this change? Only the existing government, or an entirely new government.

As those who want an entirely new government are also the very ones on the inside who are causing the existing government to fail, there is only one possible outcome. The existing government must fail. Scrap the Constitution, scrap all existing institutions, and bring forth a new political and social order, all become the rallying cries of the Communists imbedded within.

“Change!” they all cry out.

All they need is the support of the middle class to make it a reality. As an alternative, elimination of the middle class will accomplish the exact same thing. Which is hard to pull off in America, where most everyone is at least upwardly mobile in their perspective, if not in their efforts.

Every totalitarian society has used the same old, worn tools of disrupting the existing government from within, scapegoating the existing government, bankrupting the existing government, making the plight of the middle class untenable, and blaming in all on forces that they promise only they can correct.

And what follows, after all of the upheaval? A New Order, a new Constitution, a new flag, new Laws, and a new class of Masters are always established, with the Masters in control of every facet of the peoples’ lives. They do it every time. I am totally amazed that no one ever catches on.

As for the National Debt?

“Fuck the National Debt. There is no National Debt. That was the old government’s, not ours. We ain’t payin’ no one nothin’.”

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The bankers get the bird. If they protest, the C.E.O., the Board, all get the axe. Literally. Or, a copper-jacketed pacifier to chew on.

Hey, we are talking about Social Architects (i.e., totalitarians) here. Nothing is beyond them. They are true believers in their being in control; and you, not.

So you see, that is the whole plan in a nutshell. The Social Architects have absolutely no plans on paying the National Debt off. It is the farthest thing from their minds. If you do not plan on paying any of it back, there are no limits on what you are willing to borrow, spend, waste, give away. The amounts are absolutely meaningless. The quicker they can pile debt up, the quicker they can justify expropriating more from the middle class, the quicker the resentment and strife build up, and the quicker the upheaval and collapse of the old order comes. Then they can step in, and scrap the United States of America. Maybe they will create the Federation of North American Socialist States (FNASS)? Hey, they ain’t gettin’ any younger, and they are itching to be in charge of everything right now, and skimming all the cream from the top.

Fuckin’ asses.

The problem they have run into is, that you cannot have a classic, Communist class struggle in a country without first creating two distinct economic classes. So, what is the determined Social Architect to do? It’s simple.

You just create other sorts of classes, based on other characteristics. It does not matter if they are economic classes or not, just as long as there are classes who are in struggle.

“What sort of classes?” you might ask.

Poor and upper middle class. Lower middle class and rich. Hispanic and black. Asian and white. Those with, and those without. Criminals and gun owners. Republicans and Democrats.

Divide and conquer.  An ancient strategy, which still works every time.

It does not matter if these distinctions between groups are more artificial, or if they are more real. The important thing is to make sure that conflict is created between these groups that you have created. Each group is to feel that they are being disadvantaged by another group in some way. Preferably, the disadvantages are to be perceived as being in such ways that only the government can do something about it. And if the current government seems unable to do something about it, change is required. The Communist insiders speak of smoothing things out between the groups, when actually they try to create policies that increase the strife between the groups.


It is all camouflage, all smoke and mirrors. You all bought in, you all got suckered into their agenda.

Jackpot! The revolution is on, and the new Masters are waiting behind the scenes, drooling at the thought of the spoils that are soon to be theirs.

Think you will be able to relax at home after the U.S. is gone, and the New Order is in charge? Think again, bitch. You work, or you die. No handouts, period. No wages. You get credits for what you produce, and they are meager ones at that. You trade them in at their stores, and they set the prices for the few goods available there. You better bust your ass, or you are dead meat. You are on piece rate, and they keep upping the ante.

That is always what “Change” brings.

Communism, in practice, is a return to feudalism. Barons and serfs, with not much in between. Welcome to your “Change.”

The following excerpts are included for informational purposes. They are from the Epilogue to A World Without Jews by Karl Marx, were written by Dagobert D. Runes (1902 – ), and were published over sixty years ago. Since this book was published, many things have changed, and not all of them for the better, and many other things have stayed the same. It is surprising how contemporary this account is, even with the Soviet Empire having essentially been dismantled for over twenty years already. What is disturbing is that a similar empire is arising on the world stage today, and will become concrete, if the people of that country do not stay alert and prepared. Read these excerpts with an open mind, with open eyes, and with open ears. And reflect upon our times, and what is behind the scenes of the news stories of today.

Beware of the Social Architects, who promote change through strife generated between artificially constructed, inflated, and agitated classes. You all know who you are. We are out here watching you.

A World Without Jews is available used online, starting at $.99. I could find no eBook version of it. I have a fourth edition of it. It is a collection of the anti-Semitic writings of Carl Marx, whose father Herschel had converted to Christianity from Judaism. That, in itself, is disturbing enough to cause one to pause. Who can pay any attention to anything else Marx says, after knowing that? So, most of Marx’s supporters eliminated these writings from their own analyses of Marxism. The editor and translator provides some perceptive insights into the frequently arising and most disturbing phenomenon of anti-Semitism, as it is regularly espoused as national policy by totalitarian governments. Look for A World Without Jews by Karl Marx, with an introduction and epilogue by Dagobert D. Runes.

The following excerpts from the original work are copyrighted by Dagobert D. Runes. They are presented for informational and / or educational purposes only, which is an allowable use under U.S. Copyright Law. They may not be reproduced or shared in any form that is not free and informational and /or educational in nature. To do so may result in a copyright infringement.

Excerpts from The Soviet Impact on Society (Epilogue)

By Dagobert D. Runes Published 1953

Karl Marx’s Predictions and Nightmares (excerpt)

“Thus Marx described, almost a hundred years ago, what is going to happen to the working people of the Western world. What Marx predicted did come to pass – but in only one country; namely, Marxist Russia. Russia, which Mr. Marx neglected to include at the time of his writing because it was too unimportant and too backward for a proletarian revolution, became the first and only country where Marxism materialized on a large scale.

Communist Russia in the only country where all these things happened – all that enslavement, suppression, subjection and regimentation of the working and middle class people which Mr. Marx predicted for the proletarians of France, England and America.

In Marxist Russia, and only there, all the small tradespeople, shopkeepers, handicraftsmen, farmers, lawyers, physicians, and business people alike, were degraded to the status of proletarians, remaining with nothing but their proles.

In Marxist Russia the workers are herded into factories, organized like soldiers and placed under the command of a perfect hierarchy of the Communist Party.

In Marxist Russia every farmer who owned more than one cow was stigmatized as a Kulak, robbed of his cattle, home, tools and even personal property and driven into Siberian concentration camps and icy woodchoppers’ barracks. At the same time the rest of the farmers “voluntarily” turned over all of their property to a collective which put itself under the command of the same hierarchy of the political ruling class.

In Marxist Russia the whole farming population, or three-quarters of the people, wee degraded to the level of propertyless landlaborers.

In Marxist Russia the income of the workman and farm-laborer are curtailed, almost entirely, to the bare means of subsistence required for maintenance and the propagation of the race. The Russian worker labors two months for a pair of boots and four months for a suit of clothes.

In Marxist Russia the worker is driven to increased production by the steadily increased speed of the machinery.

In Marxist Russia all distinctions between classes of labor have been obliterated and wages reduced to the same atrocious level. The worker is not paid a regular wage sufficient to sustain a proper living standard, but by a piece of work scale.

Only in Marxist Russia, of all the countries of the civilized world, is the worker treated merely as an implement of production and thus paid by what he produces instead of by what he needs! The laborers, farm, factory or otherwise, do not receive wages in this communist society; they are paid by the piece work system; a degrading method on bourgeois society permits today.

In Marxist Russia the worker and farmer are without property. They may be sent to any distant place on any unwanted job by the political hierarchy. The farmer may never leave his community; he is bound to the soil like the serf of old. The farmer, too, is not paid a wage, but must “sell himself piecemeal.”

In Marxist Russia differences of sex no longer have any distinctive social validity. Women are put to the same heavy labor that men perform; bricklaying, ditchdigging, etc. They are often taken off heavy labor for weeks in the event of pregnancy, then returned to the pickaxe a few weeks after they have given birth – their offspring turned over to public nurseries.

In Marxist Russia the proletarians do not even have their offspring. These belong to the political hierarchy. Their relations to wife and child have truly “no longer anything in common with bourgeois family relations.” The political hierarchy teaches the offspring of these proletarians to hate the religion their parents believe in, to mock their faith, to ridicule their habits.

In Marxist Russia a twelve-year-old boy was publicly honored for denouncing his father, who at home had expressed criticism of an act of the ruling hierarchy.

In Marxist Russia the people have all been degraded to the status of slaves of the political ruling class, without property, home, freedom, family, rights or privileges.

And what of Mr. Marx’s prediction about America, England, and France?

Our farmers still grow their grain and raise their cattle and build their homes as free men in a free country.

And our workers in the mills and at the wheels earn wages and get a weeks’ pay for five days’ labor, and join protective unions to safeguard their rights and privileges. Their children are their own, and their wives are not forced into foul intimacy with sweating male ditchdiggers. And the worker may tell his child of his faith, without having mockery, the product of political propaganda schools, spat in his face.

And our workers and farmers, together with the shopkeepers, lawyers and physicians who contrary to Mr. Marx’s prediction have not been flattened out to the status of proletarians by our social system, – they all, these people of the thousand diversified professions, may get together peacefully and openly and elect their own officers to conduct their affairs of government.

What Marx predicted for the great industrial democracies has come true under the so-called proletarian dictatorship of his own friends and followers. They truly made a lot of rich people poor, but made no poor man rich.”

That Magic Word – Expropriation (excerpts)

“This is Mr. Marx’s magic word: expropriation. It is this appeal to the caveman instinct that put Marxism over, and not the well-known but never read Capital.

The other man’s pasture always looks greener. Men hear of the abolition of private property, and they forget what they have to give up; they think only of what they will take away with them. As if it would land in their pockets.

If they could only see Rockefeller running a gasoline station and Ford working as a car mechanic! But oil would still have to be pumped, and coal dug in dirty mines, and wheels turned, and presses fed, and dishes washed, and ditches dug, and garbage removed. The world is a place in which to work and will remain pretty much the same as long as we have to plow the fields and chop the wood. And if the question is; who should manage our business enterprises, industries and farms, citizens hardened in years of work and experience, or a bunch of Marxist politicians poising their power on the roar of misfits, disgruntled failures or ignoramuses, I throw my fate in with the former.

Our present system of what Mr. Marx chooses to call bourgeois society surely has its weak points and deficiencies; but dumping the can with the milk will make no one fat.

Communism promised the worker production for pleasure and use and not for profit. I wonder if the girls in Moscow choose subway digging and bricklaying for pleasure; and I also wonder if Russia’s extensive export trade with Germany and Italy are of any use to the worker; or of depriving the farm laborer of his best horses and cows and sending them to Moscow are of any use to him? Perhaps the hustling pieceworkers in Moscow also wonder where those eighty Rolls-Royce cars that were imported from Great Britain went?

Even if Communist Russia is selling its products at a profit, the workers still get their 150 Rubles a month. The rest goes for the upkeep of the world’s largest political suppression machinery; where spies lurk on every corner and stoolpigeons in every parlor.”


Mr. Marx himself went so far as to work for measures which would reduce workers’ wages, just to increase the contrast between workers and industrialists. In his lecture at Brussels in 1847 he said: “What is Free Trade? Free Trade is Freedom for Capital. Yes, it will reduce the price of bread, but it will still more reduce the workers’ wages – it will finally drive the contrast between Proletariat and Bourgeois to a breaking point; and in this revolutionary sense, I vote for Free Trade.”

Mr. Marx did not care much about the loss the workers would suffer, so long as it would contribute to the intensification of his fantastic class struggle creation. These tactics of agitating against the actual interests of the working people in order to add to the fuel of class struggle have repeatedly been adopted by Marxist Labor Unions. Marxist Labor Unions do not speak for the cause of labor, they speak only for the benefit of the break-up between employee and employer; and in the final analysis for the purpose of establishing a political Communist superstructure. They even go so far as to destroy peacefully operating labor unions and sacrifice working agreements advantageous to labor in order to bring strife into the social field. A satisfied worker is loathsome to them – they want to make the worker militant, disgruntled, reckless, for the benefit of their political machine. Marx has told them that only proletarianized labor will be ready for a revolution; so they would rather see labor exploited, suppressed, impoverished and overworked, instead of content.”

Sounds like the Federal Government’s plan for America today, does it not?

Beware of the Social Architects. Believe nothing that they say. Watch everything that they do. Their words do not jive with their actions. Understand that their agenda is to destroy, so that they can build up a new society in their own, lying, forked-tongue image. They are all serpents, on the grass, lying in wait for the unsuspecting. If you do not keep bruising their heads, they will strike your Achilles’ heel.

Gary W. Harper

© 7-20-13