harry-reid-evil-mongersHarry “The Shill” Reid is talking nuclear option on Obama’s appointees.  But why now?  He says it’s because Mitch McConnell has reneged on some agreement they had.  McConnell says that’s ridiculous, since the two nominees he is talking about were both confirmed.  Now Reid says that he will declare the nuclear option as senate rule unless republicans approve nominees Obama has appointed.  That’s like saying, “Give me all your money, or I’ll rob you.”

Harry now calls filibustering nominees an evil thing and says that republicans should be ashamed of themselves.  What Harry didn’t say was that it was he, not republicans, who first filibustered candidates.  He also doesn’t explain that the reason several judgeships have not been filled is because Obama has nominated so many unqualified judges.  The ABA (American Bar Association) has determined that in just his first four years, Obama has nominated more judges deemed by it as unqualified, than Clinton and Bush did in 16 years.

So why is Harry making a move now, that he knows could come back and bite him in the arse?  After all, the 2014 elections could see the Senate become republican.  The rule he makes today, he will have to live with tomorrow.  Perhaps he thinks he and Obama have more to gain if he can just rubber stamp appointees.  The republicans would be helpless to stop them.  Mohamed Morsi to replace Napolitano?  True, he isn’t as radical as she is but he is still pretty bad.

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And since federal judgeships are for life, Obama could stack the deck for years to come with jurists who rule on ideology rather than the constitution or law.  A prime example is Caitlan Halligan, who was deemed unqualified and had made rulings so bizarre that even the ultraliberal New York Supreme court overruled her.  She failed confirmation 4 times but would float right in under the nuclear option.

Obama’s scandal ridden administration could see mass defections, just like Nixon did.  Should that happen, Obama could nominate the radicals he really wants in office.  Should republicans take the senate in 2014 or at least hold the House, he would have cabinet members who will go along with Obama’s skirting of congress to impose his will on the country.  Harry could even withstand 4 of his fellow democrat senators voting against Obama’s nominees.

I look for Harry to impose the nuclear option and then you might see the resignations pour in.

Steven Ahle is the Editor of Red Statements and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.