brainwashingNothing like living a house when the AIR CONDITIONING goes out.  It’s hot like a sauna; time spent over 20 minutes is too long.  The quest is to get the A/C running again as quickly as possible. That air conditioning is a wonderful electrical product; it helps the REAL temperature of the house disappear so you can enjoy the CONDITIONED temperature. But without air conditioning, the REAL TEMPERATURE of the house would be felt. The real house temperature is probably around 80 degrees if the windows are shut.  The conditioned temperature is probably somewhere around 69 – 71 degrees.  Big difference. Mental conditioning is the same way.  Without “Conditioning” reality would be completely understood and felt.  Conditioning is a skill used to train one’s mind and emotions to accept what is NOT TRUE/NOT REAL or function a certain way. (69 degree house) It is a powerful tool used by our government.

All conditioning is not bad. It it used in all types of trainings from military basic training, self-defense, to something simple like cooking and my favorite, ministry. There’s a level of mental conditioning in all these.  But some conditioning is for deviant, criminal, and dominating purposes. The difference is simple..What is the DESIRED RESULT? Is it self-serving, criminal, and cruel or empowering?  A person can be taught to embrace a thought or methodology by choice or force. We live in America where there’s personal freedom to choose (for now). But people do live in cultures where they are conditioned to kill, commit suicide, hate, or rebel by force.

In my latest Article “Openly Gay Troops – Safer or Weaker” I got an interesting comment:  Any organization that attempts to “normalize” deviant behavior is weaker for it.  My response was “If that’s true…America is done..quietly.” Remember, dirt is always whispered never screamed. I also commented that covering up “deviant” behavior is what’s causing America to fall (or ship to sink) but, I can’t argue with the citizens. Some people like SINKING;  scrambling for their lives, not trusting the government, and being scared for their children’s futures. Temporary riches and enjoyment are plenty; long-term effects are for another day. There are those who feel quite happy and comfortable with all the compromise and moral decay of this nation.  Deeper, it’s even an opportunity to capitalize. Even deeper, avoid taking action and watch while every citizen pays the penalty.

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Our government is normalizing deviant behaviors; even in children. Deviant behavior is on the rise in U.S. politics, government and culture. What was unacceptable 20 years ago, or MAINSTREAMED as unacceptable… is really acceptable. The acceptance of it is just not being broadcast over cable television, nightly news, or flashed in commercials.  And it never will be. That would destroy the American facade.  But deviant behavior is being engrained in the minds of the people. People are being taught to embrace rape, SPYING, murder, hate, and control of  religion. (80 degree house) There was a reason the government made LAWS against those things.  The consequences cannot even be measured. Confusing to me is the same governing body making the laws is now breaking them. Where does that leave the world?

Where our lawmakers and political leaders are in all of this I don’t know. Unimaginable that we would have a fraudulent President.  Unimaginable that we would have so many unsolved murders within the military ranks.  Unthinkable that the nation would have deviant behavior and criminal charges within government agencies and department heads.  But the situation remains. I can tell you from experience, the government is a strong believer in mental conditioning. Almost like telepathy with flashing pictures and physical games. But I was raised mentally tough. Thank God.

So I wondered if you have accepted this conditioning of deviant behavior. Do you see it is moral failure?  Do you envision yourself as someone EMPOWERED by the Constitution for change in this country? Do you really believe ALL the consequences of increased criminal activity can be CONTROLLED? Do you really believe that the government is making decisions in YOUR BEST INTEREST or are they really looking out for an elite group?  Do you really believe that if you sit by and do nothing you’ll be a HAVE and not a HAVE NOT at the end of the day? (With the have nots being the majority). Do you think the HAVES care about your family? Do you believe that this country is out of resources, financial stability and now losing credibility? What really does it have left without radical change?

I don’t accept the conditioning, do you?

Katrina RobinsonKatrina Robinson