separation-of-church-and-state-2A woman who claims to be a teacher of The Constitution became violent yesterday, at a Florida gas station, with members of Bradlee Dean’s ministry team. Yes, we are talking about the same Bradlee Dean who writes regularly for The D.C. Clothesline. Dean’s ministry, You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International, was doing some outreach work at a Florida gas station. They were there to drum up support for their campaign to teach the ethics, morality and responsibility of the Bible in public schools.

What followed was a little shocking but the real shock lies in what the woman says as much as what she does. Let’s take a look:


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For those of you who are for some reason not able to see the video, the woman basically claims to be a teacher of The Constitution. She takes offense to the ministry team and claims they are harassing her and begins to hit the camera man with her purse. According to a press release I received from Bradlee’s office there were two ministry members there who were attacked verbally and physically:

The woman verbally and physically attacked two ministry workers Elizabeth Ilse and Chase Schomberg.

“Ilse was standing behind one of her ministry’s tables while distributing Christian literature to those visiting the gas station. She simply said, ‘Hello,’ to the woman, but after approaching and reading the sign on the ministry’s table that said, ‘Support Christianity in Public Schools, The Constitution, and Honoring Soldiers,’ the woman viciously attacked the cause by screaming ‘shame on you for wanting Christianity in schools,’ calling Miss Ilse a ‘bigot,’ and [she] stated that ‘Christians are the problem.’”

I think the bigger story would be in what this woman said about Our Constitution. For those of you who watched the video, you may have picked up her argument of The Constitution being the source of the idea of “separation of Church and State.” Most people who read conservative publications like this will realize that this is not the case. This idea came from a letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote to some Baptists who seemed intent on wielding their power in an attempt to influence the government.

The intent of the framers was not to regulate worship nor hinder it. The intent was to protect both Church and State from the dangers of control by the other entity. We are not ruled in this country by a single church and the government does not, in theory, dictate to any church. The Constitution says nothing about taking away prayer in schools or not being allowed to have religious celebrations. We are part of a system that has taken the interpretation of Jefferson’s letter way too far. This is not part of our Constitution.

To be perfectly clear and concise… The Constitution says nothing about the separation of Church and State. You would think someone who teaches The Constitution would know this.

So to me the biggest story here is not that a woman went ballistic when she saw Christians. It is the brainwashing she has received to get to this point. If she is in fact someone who teaches The Constitution to our children then it is no wonder that America seems to be in a downward spiral.

Bradlee Dean and his ministry team mean a lot to me. He is one of the few who is still bold enough to speak the truth no matter what the price.

Some people just don’t want to hear about what The Bible says. They would rather read what Rand Paul  or Ted Cruz might say. That’s a shame. No offense to either gentleman but they hardly compare to Jesus Christ.

Bradlee Dean has received death threats and threats to his family. He has had his character repeatedly attacked by Rachel Maddow and MSNBC.

Bradlee Dean’s mission is to reach our kids. That is where the fight has to start. We can not afford for another generation of liberal thought to flourish. That could be the final death blow to America.

I am sure we will have more details on this story later. For now it looks like a woman went a little psycho and decided to take it out on some good Christian people. It happens all the time. To me the bigger story would be if this woman actually is the teacher that she claims to be. It’s no wonder we are in this situation.

Wake Up America!

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