john-boehnerWith a headline like this, I find myself thinking “From one traitor to another.” Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH), another one of those Republicans that should probably be labeled a Democrat, referred to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden as a “traitor” and called his actions a “giant violation of the law.” I actually chuckled a bit because this man has not even referred to the current occupant of the White House as a traitor.



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Boehner appeared on Good Morning America on Tuesday declaring, “He’s a traitor. The president outlined last week that these are important national security programs to help keep Americans safe and give us tools to help fight the terrorist threat we face. The disclosure of this information puts Americans at risk.”

Boehner didn’t go anywhere near the Constitution, specifically the Fourth Amendment. If I could just add, the spinelessness of this House Speaker and the treasonous actions of Barack Obama put Americans at risk!

Boehner went on to say that Congress was briefed on the programs that were being used and that attorneys were always present to “protect the privacy of Americans.”

“There is heavy oversight of this program, by the House Intelligence Committee on a bipartisan basis and the Senate Intelligence Committee,” Boehner said. “And that’s why I feel comfortable that we can operate this program and protect the privacy rights of our citizens.”

“When you look at these programs, there are clear safeguards. There are no Americans that are going to be snooped on in anyway unless they’re in contact with some terrorist around the world,” he added.

What he did not note was whether warrants were issued for all snooping. That would be found in the Fourth Amendment Mr. Boehner, you know, part of that document you took an oath to defend and support?

Frankly, this guy is about as dangerous as Barack Obama since he seeks to justify something that cannot constitutionally be justified.

Ah, yes. Obama. Has anyone noticed the change in his rhetoric from 2007 to today, when his own administration is engaging in grievous violations of the Constitution and the public’s trust, all in the name of “protecting Americans from terrorists”?



But back to Boehner. The Speaker declined last week to provide details as to whether he knew about the NSA program monitoring Verizon phone calls. Now, how does that kind of response work when compared to his response this morning? In fact, he said that it was Obama’s job to explain to the American people “why the administration considers this a critical tool in protecting our nation from the threats of a terrorist attack.”

“The PATRIOT Act was passed with large bipartisan majorities in the House and Senate,” Boehner said. “The tools were given to the administration and it’s the administration’s responsibility to outline what these tools are and how they’re being used. And so I’m hopeful we’ll see those answers soon.”

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Then there’s the PATRIOT Act, which is anything but patriotic.

The real traitors are in our own government my friends. I would suggest John Boehner take a look in the mirror to start with.

While some might say that technically Snowden is a traitor, I would say that a person who exposes government corruption and tyranny is a true patriot, not a traitor. What say you?

Tim Brown is Editor of Freedom Outpost and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.