consequencesWhy are we at this point??  This is the question I ask myself as I am un-holstering my S&W M&P .40. The three dead bolts are thrown on my steel entry door, I place to two sacks of food on the table, and my wife asks, where are the eggs, they had none I reply, it’s getting harder and harder to find the stuff we need on the store shelves and that which we can find has tripled in price or more.  You may wonder what has happened, why are things scarce and so expensive?  Well you see the Government instituted martial law after the July 4th incident, thousands of people broke the law and carried loaded weapons into Washington D.C. and someone in the crowd opened fire, it was a killing field!!

What really happened that day is still unclear, did one of the marchers open fire, did the Government plant people in the crowd, or was some outside force responsible? We may never have those answers, but we are now stuck with martial law and the entire crackdown that goes with it. We were fortunate in many ways, we live in a small rural town in Northern  Arizona,  so we have not seen the harshest of the Government’s actions, sure we Have DHS personnel on our streets but for the most part we are allowed to attempt a somewhat  routine life, I have heard that the larger cities have been placed on 23 hour a day curfews, all weapons have been seized, we had to turn in ours here but they have not come door to door yet, who would have thought that the object that I counted on most, carried on my side for most of my adult life would now place me in the greatest danger,  I kept my guns as they were never required to be registered here, I turned in the ones that I had purchased to do just that with, but now  the things that kept my family and loved ones safe, now are placing us at risk, but it is a risk I must take. Our schools have become like youth camps, the children told that it is their duty to report any anti-government activity, and that the way this country views its history is wrong.

Why is that so many of us have to suffer because a few decided that it was best for them to march into Washington armed, we tried to warn them, beg with them, we even ridiculed them, but they thought that they knew best and now the vast majority of them are dead and we are left to suffer the consequences of their actions.

You know, I heard them say that those in power in Washington did not listen to what the people wanted, that they felt Washington was telling the people that they did didn’t know what was best for themselves, that Obama wanted to make the decisions for everyone, that these were the reasons they were marching.

What I want to know is this, by them deciding that a march on Washington was the only answer, and not asking the rest of Us how we felt on the issue, by them going and dying and Us suffering for it, How were they any different than what they accused Obama and the Washington establishment of being????

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