attack catOne YouTube visionary has come up with an alternate plan for Adam Kokesh’s Armed March. Imagine 10,000 cats without leashes causing mayhem on our Nation’s Capitol on July 4th, 2013. This guy might be onto something.

I know what you are thinking. What damage can a house cat do? Oh no, this is not about domestic house cats. This guy is serious. He is calling for Bobcats, Cougars and Mountain Lions to descend upon Washington D.C. 

I think this plan has a better chance of working than “Koresh’s” plan. Washington D.C. has somewhere in the neighborhood of 4600 cops but certainly might have a problem fielding an equal force of Animal Control officers.

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I know what you are thinking. This is not serious news. How can you print this?

I can print it because it made me laugh. It makes me laugh that this gentleman doesn’t know Adam Kokesh’s name and it just goes downhill from there. If you make it deep enough into the video you will find that this gentleman does have some valid points but  after hearing about the attack cats it is hard to take him very seriously.

He is an average American with an opinion and I am down with that. He may not have all of his facts straight but I will say this… His plan to get 10,000 Bobcats to ravage D.C. has a better chance of working than what I have heard from the Kokesh camp.


It has become clear to me that this operation needs a new mastermind. I don’t know what this guy’s name is but he is obviously destined for bigger things. We don’t have much time. Start readying those ferocious felines. This is war. There will be nothing peaceful about this march and we will not submit. Well we might submit but our cats will fight on to their deaths if necessary.

Hannibal used elephants and I think “Koresh” should use cats. That would be a story for the ages. I am with this guy. Give me an army of 10,000 animal trainers and their familiars and I will overthrow this government in about 3 hours.

When a tiger tells you to “Come and Take Them” you run the other way but  good luck trying to outrun a Cheetah. Don’t worry “Koresh,” we got this. This is pure genius. 😉


Now that I have sufficiently entertained myself and lost all credibility with my former readers, if you want to know my real opinions on this armed march you can click here. We have been talking about this story for a few days because it is huge. The decisions that people make over the next two months could make a huge impact on our nation’s history. If you are going that is your business. But I know some things that you may not. Kokesh’s march is nothing original. Prepare to Take America Back has been planning the same thing for almost two months. In that regard maybe our friend in the video is right. Maybe Kokesh is a media hound.

At any rate, we have been preparing for this for awhile now and there are thousands of us. We actually started organizing people to deal with the possible fallout because these marches could easily spark Civil War. That’s a fact. Again, if you want to hear my real thoughts and know what I know about this situation, then click here. If you have heard enough of this insanity and would like to meet people in your local area, and get organized, then click here. We are not preparing to start a revolt. We are organizing in case we need to react to it.

As much as I needed to laugh today, this is not really a joke. This is real and I just want people to be educated. If you know what you are getting into and decide to go then that is OK with me, but I just want everyone to be armed with the facts.

God Bless America. God Save the Republic.