Gregory Hicks Benghazi TestimonryOn Wednesday, a new revelation that United Nations Ambassador John Bolton called “stunning” came to light in the hearings on the Benghazi attacks before the House Oversight Committee. Gregory Hicks, one of the Benghazi whistleblowers, said that Ambassador Christopher Stevens’ body was taken to a hospital that was under the control of the terrorist group Ansar al-Shariah. This group was later blamed for the attack!

Editor’s Note: The testimony about the hospital is at the 14:14 mark.


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The body of Ambassador Stevens had been missing for several hours during the attack after he was dragged out and away from the building he was at.

“We began to hear also that the ambassador’s been taken to a hospital,” said Hicks. “We learn that it is in a hospital which is controlled by Ansar al-Shariah, the group that Twitter feeds had identified as leading the attack on the consulate.”

Hicks had also just spoken with Ambassador Stevens shortly before. Arnold Ahlert reports,

Some of the most compelling and emotional testimony was provided by Hicks, who offered the House Oversight and Government Reform committee a damning blow-by-blow account of the September 11, 2012 attack: In Tripoli at the time, Hicks recounted how he had spoken with Stevens early in the evening, and there was no sign of unusual activity. After relaxing for a while, he got an alert that Benghazi was under attack. When he checked his cell phone he saw two numbers, one of which he didn’t recognize. He called that number first and got Stevens on the phone. ”Greg! We’re under attack!” said Stevens, according to Mr. Hicks.

Hicks then spoke of the mortars that landed on the compound shortly after a group of Americans fleeing the consulate arrived at the annex. The first mortar landed among a group of Libyans who had helped bring the Americans to safety. ”The next was short,” he said. “The next three landed on the roof.”

Those were the mortars that killed Doherty and Woods.

Hicks was visibly choked up when he recounted learning about Stevens’ death from the Libyan prime minister. ”I think it’s the saddest phone call I’ve ever had in my life,” he said.

Katie Pavlich notes, “Stevens’ cause of death was deemed smoke inhalation (sic) and asphyxiation. The fire in the Benghazi consulate was a petroleum fire which produces cyanide gas. One full breathe of this kind of smoke is incapacitating.”

All of this was a direct result of the failure of the Obama administration to protect American citizens. It’s not only dereliction of duty, but it’s treasonous. Why? Because according to Hicks, the order to “stand down,” which had to come from Barack Obama or someone acting under his authority, was not issued once, but twice!

“I will quote Lieutenant Colonel Gibson,” said Hicks, referring to the officer on the receiving end of that command. “He said, ‘This is the first time in my career that a diplomat has more balls than somebody in the military.’”

Hicks’ testimony directly contradicts recent statements from the Obama-run Pentagon. “There was never any kind of stand-down order to anybody,” said Maj. Robert Furman, Pentagon spokesman, on Monday.

Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.

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