usachairThe answer to the question may surprise you, because the answer is yes. Well… sort of… I don’t propose that you can actually save this country from your favorite chair, but you can certainly help. Am I insane? Not really. I am setting in my easy chair right now.  I love this chair. It belonged to my late Father. When I sit here I am reminded of the things my Father stood for. He stood for The American Dream…education and success, freedom and vigilance, sacrifice and courage. I can stand for the same things…I just prefer to stand for them while sitting down. 😉

Don’t get the wrong idea. I sit in this chair, or another chair, with my laptop for as many as 16 hours a day and haven’t had a day off in over 4 months.  Even on Easter Sunday I worked for a couple of hours. I hated to do it because I am very much a Christian, but the message can not rest when the time we have is so limited.

We all do what we can to spread the word. I am obsessed with getting the truth out. I “woke up” last year and now I am driven by the need to help others have their own awakenings.

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So can you sit in your easy chair and eat Cheetos while watching American Idol, and save this great Republic? No, not gonna happen. If that is your life then you are part of the problem and not part of the solution.  And make no mistake, you need to keep reading because solutions are the topic of the day. This article is not really about my easy chair…it is about solutions that can help us all move forward as a nation.

We all have roles. I am a blogger and a social networking guy. That’s the kind way of saying it. Some would simply call me a “nerd.” The best thing I can do to help this country is to do what I do. I help spread the word. I am not secretly training a militia today, but I am also not out on the golf course. I am doing everything I can to help Americans wake up. While some were enjoying the sunshine of spring last weekend, I was right here. This is what I do. This is my mission. This is my ministry.

I get frustrated, because as much as I can get wrapped up in the stories of the day, those stories solve nothing. Anyone who is awake already knows that America is on the wrong path and things are leading to a bloody climax. I don’t have to be planning to fire the first shot to know that the first shot is coming and it could come very soon.  So, in my little world, I am a modern day “Paul Revere Wannabe.” I use my blog, and help from a lot of friends, to make contact with somewhere around 10,000 people every single day. I don’t ride a horse or even a Harley… I ride a Lazy Boy.  I am no Paul Revere, but I am trying very hard to be as much like him as I can.  I am no different than many of you. We try very hard to keep spreading the message however, and whenever, we can.

It all boils down to this… Someone has to do what we are doing. If not us then who will? The problem is that we often spread the message but follow up with no solutions.

So I would like to challenge you now to forget about the stories of the day.

  • Yes, DHS has purchased enough ammo to kill each of us 5 times over.
  • Yes, North Korea is in the news every single day and will be for some time.
  • We can not deny that the reactions of China and Russia have the potential to escalate things to unknown levels.
  • Our president is as anti-American as they come and seems to be looking for an excuse to send in his “Secret Police.”
  • I could list a dozen things that are all weighing heavily on the minds of millions, but that solves nothing.

A couple of months ago a number of people caused me to stop dead in my tracks and evaluate what I was doing. Every blogger loves to see their words read and they love to feel like they are making a difference, but… I kept hearing the same thing over and over and over…and it made me realize I was not making any difference at all…

“When are we going to stop talking about this stuff and come up with some solutions?”

That my friends is what I call a “Come to God” moment. These people were right and I could not deny it any longer. So today I am writing you from the heart because I have some solutions. As I write this, I know the rules of the internet. This article will be buried, because it’s not exciting enough, and might be lucky to get 1000 readers. That’s OK because if I can help 1000 people or even 100 then I have done my job for one day. I’d love to do more but unfortunately I am not a polished professional who writes for one of the big boys. I’ll be honest. I inquired about being one of those guys. They are probably still laughing at me. Our website is ranked something like 35,000th in the world and actually I am kind of proud of that. LOL I think it makes me an overachiever. 🙂

If I wrote an article today about North Korea moving some nukes to a specified location I would probably have a chance at going viral. Something like…

“North Korea Strategically Places Nukes in Cuba and Glues Castro’s Twitchy Index Finger to the Button.”

The last thing the American people need is more fear. They already know that times are tense. We have a government that wants our guns and a President who is begging for an excuse to declare martial law. We are moving toward a communist police state. I’ll post a quick video below but most of you don’t need to watch it. You already know what is going on. You can understand the fears of a Cuban immigrant who sees the same thing happening in America. What the American people need is to get organized. They need those solutions that so many have called for.  So today I want to tell you what we are doing to help, and feel free to skip past this video if you want. I just love this video and wanted to post it.


Your biggest asset in a SHTF situation will be knowing other Patriots in your area. You need to be networking with people who will have your back if worse comes to worst. We are not organizing a militia. We are not organizing an offensive strike of any kind. We are organizing people who will stand together and help each other prepare. We are not all warriors. In the American Revolution 3% fought and another 10% stood in support. We are looking for that 13%. Some are single parents and disabled people. Some are so poor that they can’t even afford to bear arms, yet they stand in defense of that freedom. Others are expert preppers, survivalists and decorated veterans who are ready, but we all have one thing in common… We are all Americans who are awake and preparing. Join us today. We have roughly 25,000 people with us after the first two weeks and we are not done yet.

Our solution is not perfect but at least we are doing something. This is an active network of over 25,000 people who are standing together. Every day we grow stronger and we need you as much as you need us. Please join your local Patriot Team so that we can help each other. It costs nothing.

United We Stand. Divided We Fall.

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