The D.C. Clothesline: Airing Out America’s Dirty Laundry

MONETT, MO. In a project created by readers and staff of The D.C. Clothesline, more than 14,000 concerned Americans have gathered for “Patriot Team” membership on Facebook. These results were current after the initial 72 hours of the project launch.

The organizers of this social networking group have stressed that it is not a movement toward revolution, but rather a strategy to organize concerned Americans for common sense preparation in the event that a National Security Emergency should be declared and martial law should be enacted.

A quote from the “About” page of the “Patriot Team 3” Facebook Group clearly states:

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“This group is a service to a number of people. Not all people here will be ready to go to war in a Revolution situation. That is not what this group is about. It is not a militia. The purpose of this group is preparation & networking. People need to prepare in many ways. Some people in this group are single parents. Others are retired. Some are disabled. Not everyone will be ready to fight if the people ever rise up against the government. This group is for people to build a support network of like-minded individuals. We support the constitution and love our country.”

One of the organizers, Dean Garrison, commented:

“The one thing we hear over and over again in our conversations with our readers is that many are scared. They see obvious signs that a revolution is possible in this great country and most are not ready to charge the capitol blindly with the conviction of a suicide bomber. We are not terrorists and are not making plans for any armed actions against our government. We are preparing with common sense measures to protect our families. We see numerous organizations making bold plans that could throw this country into a state of civil unrest whether we are involved or not. A good example would be the planned ‘armed but peaceful’ march on Washington D.C. scheduled for July 4th. We in no way endorse that. If one of our members chooses to participate that is their decision. Most of our members think it is a foolish idea.  Many I have talked to think that this is the type of action that could ignite general chaos across the country. Our goal is to put people in contact with others in their local areas that they can come to know and trust. People need to have support networks in place in case the unimaginable ever happens.”

Members of the “Patriot Team” share experience in a wide range of skills such as gardening, hunting & fishing, survival skills, Ham Radio Operation, Emergency First Aid and disaster preparedness. Members are encouraged to be teachers to help each other learn new skills that may be needed in an emergency situation.

Members are also encouraged to network and build relationships with others in their local areas. The Patriot Team project can best be described as social networking for those who are open to the possibility that America may be in for a dramatic change in the foreseeable future.

For anyone who is interested in checking out your local area group, please click the appropriate link below. Plans are to split into smaller state and local groups as the numbers justify the transition.

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