Its been a few days since I had time to sit down and think about things. Just pulled a 14 hour workday to pay the bills, and was pretty beat for thinking, but after a short rest, I am back at it. So be warned I am gonna rant all over the board tonight!

ofa21st rant: Ok, does it bother anyone else that the tyrants in charge can only continue to waste money on their gun control efforts, and the nation is 16 trill. and counting in debt? Just saw an article during the ‘Battle of New York’ they were busing Anti-gun protesters to Albany including a free breakfast and lunch. They put em on buses from all over New York and other areas. Fine, but wait! Who the hell is PAYING for this??? The bus companies donating all this? I think not! I think The White House did, via OUR pocketbooks and wallets! I don’t know about you, but I never authorized that expenditure! And it’s sure a damn good way to reduce the debt. To be fair, where were the pro-gun buses? Hey pro-gunners still pay taxes too, and should have been EQUALLY treated. Hmm guess THAT part did not fit ‘the Agenda.’ 

Rant 2: Where are the Impeachment proceedings? Did the SCOTUS suddenly lose its testicular fortitude? Or did cash change hands and proceedings suddenly vanish? Look if you were to ask me…..they have enough evidence to proceed 10 times over. I want hibirthto know his past. (Hey, they know mine and are watching me now even, and KNOW all my background since birth) I wanna know if this court jester who runs this show is ‘true blue.’ If he’s not he can’t EO, sign or order ANYONE here around. And if it is true he is a Foreign National everything he is doing  or has done….is null and void. This issue needs to be cleared up ASAP, before ANYMORE EO’S, Laws or anything else is even considered. Somewhere, we have a law about this. It is time to look it up and put it in use. Time for the SCOTUS to remember its OATH. And do its job as well. Too many of us ‘regular folks’ now wanna know, and we need to call this into the spotlight again, with NOTHING else to detract from the issue. Every time it comes into question, the media pulls a Chinese fire drill and attention is diverted.  Not this time , we NEED to put a big giant microscope on this issue, and right NOW. After all, O spent 2 million $$$ to hide SOMETHING. Let’s stay FOCUSED this time as well. When the media starts the ‘Ole Soft Shoe’ we scream BULLSH*T!

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Rant #3:  A short one… How much DOES it cost us… to put the Media in your back pocket? Or can I buy a parrot and teach it to say good things about me ALL THE TIME???

Rant #4: I want to know what happened… why I went from US Citizen and Veteran of the US Navy to…..Domestic terrorist, Peasant, Bump in the road, Deranged Veteran, Disgruntled worker, Misguided Patriot, Evil black gun owner, criminal, law-breaker,  internet terrorist, Defies Authority, Ignorant child and any of the OTHER monikers this Administration has tagged me with. Funny  before 2008, I was Law-abiding, honest, hard-working, loyal, upstanding citizen, gun owner, no threat to society, peaceful, Lives under God, and many other Rainbow and Unicorn sorts of Happiness. Funny how the labels change for We the People. BUT, change the labels for THEM, and you will end up in jail. Just WHAT am I seeing here? They destroy the RULES of the land, mock God, Defy Morals, Promote Communism, Trample the people, trample basic rights, Lie, Cheat, deceive, Allow citizens to be KILLED abroad, Ransack freedom, oppress, Aid and comfort to enemies, contemplate mass murder, Drop borders and allow the Barbarians in, Adultery, Use Underage prostitutes, ignore the people, Sloth, Laziness, Greed, Destroy the Nation’s work force, destroy the Nation’s pride and World respect, support wars we have no business in, gun running, I can go on and on….but we  the American people who have awaken and can see and think for ourselves…..we are the EVIL ONES? WE are the troublemakers? We suddenly become the ‘bad guys’ cuz we stand up for what is right? When the HELL did our morals change to this is even Remotely OK? Too much, man too much!

Rant #5: Benghazi… Answers… NOW!!!!! And guilty parties NEED to face the music  NOW!!!!!

Rant #6 You “Work” for US!  Not the other way around …mmkay? It is very OBVIOUS that NONE of you have ever worked a single day in your lives…or you would KNOW that rule. We voted for YOU  to do your F-ing jobs and expect it to be so…..And no. if you want a RAISE  maybe you should ASK the PEOPLE first! Here’s some tough news for all of you in Government….YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN US. Last I heard you are Not the elite. The ‘Old School’ Politicians used to do your job for free. It WAS a SERVICE to your country, and they worked…OMG,.. dare I say it, it may kill most of you stone dead at the thought……..REAL JOBS!!!! Yep, and they served their time making this place better…..oh there is a thought.. make this place BETTER!!!! They also had a real grasp on what is was like to be Working class, and understood how best to serve their constituents. Somewhere some how… this got perverted to the point, you now do What you want and empty OUR pockets to fund your inane plans and programs, without a CLUE of what’s is even HAPPENING in our lives for that matter. Our fault as well for voting your useless *sses in, but lately our choices are pretty slim.   Ah, in short you flat out STOPPED being the voice of the people, and decided it was easier to do what you want and line your nests with golden fleece. What do we get? More stupid laws. More idiotic edicts, and we get bound and GAGGED. No voice for us, no use for us, until election time. It is time for more Ted Cruz type Guys in your safe little worlds. More to toss monkey wrenches into your gears. How about some more “Commoners” in your ranks? Ohh Perish the thought! hehehehe

Rant #7: Really??? In the “Big Apple” one cannot get a 2 liter with his pizza? This could be the last straw here. Yes, I know soda may not be best for people, and the obesity thing…..but dropthesodayou know what? IT AIN’T YOUR CALL! OK  Got that?  Next you will tell me I HAVE to wear Boxers not briefs, and can only buy Prius cars! BullSquat! YOU do not have that right! Hell, you can’t even stop drugs  so now you add Soda offenders to the list? Oh Me..  …this stupidity of Control has reached Critical Mass. I guess I would be inclined to leave the pizza joint, look up my dealer, buy an eightball of Horse, and go next door to the local bar and have a few pitchers of beer, while making a few gun deals on the cellphone and proposition a couple of pro girls for a night of fun, but 16 ounces of soda? Hell no! you can go to jail for that!!!!!……Geez……

People, times are changing. The fence sitting is over.  Sides are being drawn up and the worst POTUS in US History has soundly slapped our faces with the gauntlet. He awaits our answer.  He stands on the brink, threatening us with sequestered financial ruin. He taunts us to do something silly, so he can ‘loose the dogs of war’ on us. He is arrogant, aloof and even ordered that US citizens can be drone killed on US soil! This has to stop NOW!  IF We lose here, we may never get another chance. Freedom MUST not die here> It is time to follow Dean’s plans. No one wants violence or war. We still have power and our voice!

We MUST act as one, with a very single-minded purpose. We MUST not be distracted, we must not waver. We MUST maintain pressure. We must let them know we are growing even more everyday. We MUST keep them aware of our lists our their unconstitutional habits. WE MUST!!! We have no where else to run. We don’t want to live in Russia of the 1930’s, we want to live in AMERICA, in the now!


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