Ramblings of the Peasantry……

by Chuck Bledsoe

benghazicasketSo…… Now what do we do? No one in Government appears to be supporting the US Constitution…..SCOTUS seems to have put impeachment on the Back burner. Hell people, Nixon had proceedings against him for MUCH less, let alone the DEATHS of 4 of our own!. They, in the Federal Government are not listening to US, the people. How many more RIGHTS are we gonna lose? How long til doors start getting kicked in? How long til we become subjects of this land, rather than free citizens? How many more genocides take place on this land? How long til another nut loses it and shoots up a school, sealing our fate as a free people? You all need to put down the TV remote and miss the Oscars, the Emmys, Jersey shore and Nascar. or whatever other mind numbing news channel you are watching and think about this. And stop telling yourselves, “it won’t happen here” cuz folks it IS HAPPENING HERE! Those of my generation take a few minutes and reflect, back to when times were, you hardly heard anything about the Government except the scandals that broke on occasion. I don’t ever recall a time (Outside of the Cold war Nuke threat) where I did not feel safe here. It was a time when Politicians took their Oaths seriously, and for the most part as well did their jobs. It was a time we didn’t have Drones allowed to Kill US citizens, or Military personnel did NOT hold maneuvers in US cities. ( last time they did that, they were conducting Genocide on the the Native peoples of this land.. another point to your “It wont Happen here” argument. it already HAS happened here.)

Joseph Goebbels, the name sound familiar? Ring a bell? Yeah he goebbelswas the Nazi (Bad guys in WW2) Propaganda minister for Hitler. Now, what you are seeing in today’s “mainstream media” is a dream come true for that man. He too made sure the German media of the time, only reported what was “Deemed worthy for the Nazi Party.” Starting see a parallel here yet? The “Hitler Jugend” was a club of German youth during the Nazi Regime, detestable little monsters suckled on the very teats of National Socialism. Taught for an early age that Hitler was a God to the nation and they would enforce his regime to the death. Obama has his youth Corps as well, 261 of them just “graduated.” Hitler took over Germany under very subversive actions, Basically he “named” himself chancellor and that was that. O has a ton of Voter Fraud in the picture…. and areas that have more votes than registered voters…. Hitler had the “Shutzstaffel” (SS in laymen’s terms) and the Gestapo Both of which were paramilitary type Police that enforced whatever rules the regime issued. O has the DHS and TSA, along with CIA and the Secret Service…..not to mention lately FEMA (Whom we were made to believe were just for Emergency situations, Hurricanes. Fires. Earthquakes. etc) Ok explain to me WHY do these type of organizations require EVIL assault weapons, 2.2 BILLION rounds of ammo and over 2,000 Military grade Armored personnel carriers?

The First amendment now hangs by a thin thread….You can now “Legally” (and that is used very loosely) be silenced for anything pretty much. What happened to the the America of “Say what you want, when you want, where you want???” Well friends, those days are now the way of the Dodo….. Gone….Now if one was to protest anywhere they are Secret Service present, You my friend, can go to jail under a Felony!!!! And there is heavy chatter of an internet censorship, where you will not be able to post anything anonymously. Yep you are being watched RIGHT HERE on the net RIGHT NOW. Mr. O has a crowd of his “O youth” monitoring the interwebs right now, so the story goes. I for one, would not put it past them.

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So how did you all enjoy that first check after O care kicked in?? Yeah me too… and all the other cuss words you all just said. Yep, I love donating my hard earned cash to this useless piece of illegal legislature….And somewhere, I believe this to be illegal as hell and it was SHOVED down our throats. And it gives me the warm and fuzzies when those in congress vote themselves raises while taking MY RAISE away! Hey Congress, Senate! Who the hell do you think you work for??????? If my co-workers and I voted ourselves raises… management would Laugh in our faces, and shower us with pink slips!!! Maybe, we the PEOPLE should do the same!

Oh So much to Muse about and so little time! Unlike the Government, I have to go to work for my living, and the livings of Millions of out of work fellows! Yeah I know, some of you out of work people were put into this position by the same folks who brought you Benghazi…..but there are others who vote as their jobs….you people enjoy those free cellphones (Hell I don’t even have a cellphone, cant afford it) and spend them food stamps on beer and tattoos.

And remember something…the Farmer ALWAYS fattens the sheep he intends to slaughter…even if the sheep voted for the Farmer!


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