Conspiracy theorists have a place in our society but we must learn to use common sense. I wasted about 8 hours last night and today chasing stories that were easily debunked by facts. As a blogger I want you to understand my thinking. I want very badly today to generate 20,000 hits to my blog. I guess it’s my ego. I want to feel important. I want to feel like I contribute. But I also have something called a conscience. Sometimes that conscience fails me, but it’s there.

Last night I watched Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” episode about the alleged pensmoremovement of the Illuminati into my back yard. I live about an hour from the Pensmore Mansion which is being constructed in Highlandville, MO. I am not willing to totally discount this theory, but let me tell you what I found. One of the biggest premises of the show was the presence of 24+ banks moving into a township of 2400 people in Mountain View, AR. The contingency is that a town of 2400 should not need so many banks. That is 1 bank for every 100 people. Wow! What’s going on here?

Why would so many banks be needed for a town so small? Could it be a doomsday preparation? Could it be that extreme wealth was moving into the area and such a small population could, in fact, support this many banks? Numbers were thrown around and they stated, at one point, that it was one bank for every 50ish people. The numbers quoted were between 24 and 32 banks in this town. Amazing! I wasn’t following the math but I was thoroughly entertained.

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I spent some time chasing the conspiracy and found that most people commenting, in various forums, were people who had watched the episode and not the people from Mountain View Arkansas. So eventually I ended up where I should have started. I did a google search for “banks in mountain view arkansas.” That’s exactly how I typed it, without caps. Low and behold the first result I see is a directory listing that shows 24 results. What in the world? Ventura is right!

But what happened when I clicked on the link? 24 listings are there but only 7 are actually listings for Mt. View, AR.  The other 17 listings are for Yellville and “Mountain Home” Arkansas…not “Mountain View” Arkansas. Splendid! Is this the extent of the research of Jesse Ventura’s staff? They see one search result and don’t even bother to click on it? The population of Mountain View was actually 2793 by the last census numbers, so we are looking at 1 bank for about every 400 people. That is a stark contrast to 1 bank for every 50ish people. I never could figure out how they were getting that number to start with. You could still probably contend that this is a lot, so why twist the facts? In case you are interested, this was the first search result that came up on Google.

I am not going to go on with this but I will tell you that I was able to refute about half of what I saw on that show last night. I don’t care about unseen conspiracies nearly as much as I care about things that are happening right before our very eyes, like:

  • The drone story that is in the news. drone
  • Obvious political connections between Barack Obama and known communist party members.
  • The obvious weakening of our military while we send “gifts” to strengthen foreign defenses.
  • Numerous executive orders and bills that have been passed and signed to lay groundwork for possible Martial Law conditions.
  • Etc.

I think I have some insight into the pressures that conspiracy theorists may face because of my own blog. They want viewers. They want readers. Their income depends on continually harvesting new and exciting conspiracies to keep their fans interested.

So what if there isn’t a story available? Well there is a very human tendency to want to see something that is not there, or to create a story where there is none. You want to believe in it so badly that you see things that others do not, and if your following is large enough you become responsible for spreading disinformation. It’s a shame but it’s true. I’ve printed things that I wanted to take back on more than one occasion. All I can do is move forward and try to learn from my mistakes. Ultimately we all must decide if we are going to be part of the problem or part of the solution.

Here is how I feel about people like Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones. I feel that they are valuable in this fight, but I feel like too many people hang on their every word. I feel that a large percentage of what they uncover proves to be truth. But I am sickened by the things that end up being pure hype.

I think we need to realize that the proof of an enemy being in the White House is already there, and our own disinformation is just as harmful as the disinformation from the left. Why?

  1. It makes us look bad when we are proven wrong (credibility), and
  2. It distracts us from the important fights.

No one can deny that many from our Executive and Legislative Branch are trying to destroy our constitution. So why do we focus on things that are not important? Well quite simply it sells. It sells just like sex and other smut.

There are reasons that these big stories keep churning out and reasons the people telling them are making obscene amounts of money. They realize that the sheeple aresheeple on both sides of the fence and if I am to be honest with myself, there are many times I am one of them.

You don’t get sucked into a false story for hours on end without rightfully calling yourself a sheeple. I may eventually come to the truth but that doesn’t mean that I don’t spend some time obsessing, and if I spread the stuff I become part of the problem.

I got to the point last night where I was coming up with my own conspiracies. I was looking at bats and this mysterious “White Nose Syndrome” that is killing millions and closing caves all over the US and Canada.  I traced the disease back to its origins in New York, and what else is in New York? Plum Island Animal Disease Center.

Plum Island is a known failed target of Al Queda and has been taken over by the Department of Homeland security.

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wnsSee how this starts to happen? Our minds start flowing in directions that are totally off topic. We know about other conspiracies involving DHS so this must be true. So the next question that came to mind was…why would the government want to kill bats?

Obviously they want to kill bats to close the caves from the public. Why would they want to close caves from the public?

They want to close caves from the public because Martial Law is coming and they want to limit our defenses. Closing caves all over the country gives us less places to hide. It also allows for the further construction of secret government bunkers and underground cities that are believed to be contributing to record amounts of earthquakes in our heartland. I could make a case for this if I wanted. The problem is that I have no real proof and until I get that proof it would be nothing more than a crazy conspiracy theorist spouting off his ideas. Don’t get me wrong… I am not totally convinced that my theory doesn’t have some truth, but…

I have to shake my head and remind myself that I’m just like Jesse and Alex sometimes.

A story about the government killing bats and closing caves in preparation for declaration of Martial Law would have probably given me my 20,000 hits today. I have been doing this long enough that I realize that. There may have even been some tiny shreds of truth to it. That’s not the point.

The Weekly World News released a story about Obama’s coming impeachment in wwnMarch of 2013. For some reason people thought this was a credible source and started passing it around. Blogs started reprinting their own versions of the story.  It was viral. Being viral doesn’t make it true.

The point is that we already have all the information we need and it is important not to get distracted now, as a few people reminded me last night. Thank You for that, by the way.

We have an enemy in the White House who grew up hating the United States and everything it stood for. He is a known socialist who is connected to a wide variety of known communists all over the country. We know the danger of communism. We have to take this threat seriously.

We have a Republican party who is now left of center and no one is representing Conservative Patriots in this country. They say what we want to hear and then let us down when it comes time to vote.

We have ever expanding powers of the government in this country and these are dangerous times. We don’t need to manufacture more evidence when we already have enough. We must push forward with things that are most important, and what is the most important thing of all?

We must continue to focus on the 2nd amendment. If it falls we have nothing. If the people lose their power of enforcement then there is nothing stopping your government from taking all of your rights away.

As for the story about the government poisoning the bats? I think I will let Jesse, Alex, and WWN run with that. You have a source to quote now, so it must be true.

I just got off the phone with my source from Westboro Baptist and they told me clearly that this is happening because, “God hates fags and fag enablers.” Could it be that the disease is only spread by homosexual bats? Oh my, focus Dean…

We must remain focused and vigilant. Our government has full powers of a communistic state now and they have done this without hiding it. In the event of a national security emergency they have the power to declare martial law. They have the powers to disable our communications and shut down electricity and water supplies. They have the power to launch drone attacks on US Citizens on American soil. They have the power to detain American citizens without probable cause. The only question remaining is…will they use these powers?

We must not back down. We must keep sending the message that we are armed and we will not allow ourselves to be disarmed. We are united, we are focused and we are strong.

If the bat theory ever makes it to one of the popular outlets, it will undoubtedly go viral. But we have to ask ourselves a serious question… Which message is more deserving to go viral? This message? Or another unfounded conspiracy theory? I like being entertained as much as anyone, but think about it. You know the answer.

Wake Up America!

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