ronpaulI just posted this picture on my Facebook page and I should have given it more thought. I was mad and my reaction was a typical knee-jerk reaction. Bloggers, news sources, and political activists too often jump on a story before it has totally developed, which is irresponsible and is part of the problem, not part of the solution. I would like to apologize for helping to perpetuate a story before I am armed with all the facts.

Here is what I know. I know that Tea Party Community was hacked this week. I suspect that was hacked this week though there is no official word on that. I know that when I tried to visit yesterday, Google Chrome was giving me malware warnings and I chose not to go ahead. Today Breitbart seems fine.

I also know that I have personally had my twitter account hacked before, and I don’t doubt that it is possible that Ron Paul’s account was hacked as well. I have now chosen to hold judgement because we will not know the story until we hear from Ron Paul.

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If he said this I have a real problem with his distasteful comment. Chris Kyle is a great American hero and no matter what your opinion on his death, the comments should have been held for a later time. But I need to give Paul the benefit of the doubt until I hear his response.

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