Why, I do not know, are we always doomed to relive the past. The articles I write nearly always have some reference or topic to our historical past.

Be it an implicit single event or a broad analysis of many events or whatever the case or purpose may be. Our historical past is always present in the articles I publish. Not because I love history. It is due to the fact that no event we can fathom or that has already come to pass is a new story.

The characters, dates, time of day, the overall scene may differ dramatically. The plot and story are precisely the same. Simply contrast and compare,Avatar and Pocahontas and you will see what I am getting at. The story overall is the same, Boy from one world meets girl from another, People from boys world want to destroy girls world. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy saves girls world.

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King George tried to confiscate the weapons of the colonists, invented new taxes that served his own and constituents purposes. Hitler did the same, Caesar before them, Mark Anthony, Ghengis Khan, and hundreds of others through-out history all stripped people of their rights, and enslaved them by taxes or other decrees. Do we see a pattern yet?

The phrase: “Unless we learn from history we are doomed to repeat it” is false. The world will ALWAYS be filled with men of a selfish and tyrannical nature. That is as human as the spoken and written language. That shall never change. There shall always be the conquerer and the conquered.

One type of individual does not always rise to meet these occasions. These are the men who choose to not be indifferent to these challenges. Those whp view the needs of the many, out weigh the needs of the few. The many need the constitution and the bill of rights. The few expect it to survive and stand against even the toughest wind and time without the need to defend it. So their indifference allows them to stand alone. The evil we must fear more than the conquerer is the indifference of good men.

If you wish to know how to proceed in your future. Look to your past. Look to the choices great men made before you were anything more than an ethereal thought on a time line. Your American History is filled full of them. Not simply the founding fathers. But your entire American History. Even yesterday! There are good men around you. Men who are not indifferent to the challenge.

Men who hate that you kill your fetus, but be damned they will defend that right. Men who are disgusted by your same sex lust, but be damned will die defending it. Who hate that you use their God and Lord and Saviors name to preach your hate for these people or anyone, but be damned die defending it. For you these men and women are alive and awake.

Rise to stand next to them and with them. Choose to no longer be indifferent. Thirst for knowledge and seek it. I will never baffle you with bullshit. If you do not want to listen to my word. Perfect! I urge you to seek out more sources. Seek out all sides of every story, seek to remove yourself emotionally and invest yourself only when you have the whole picture. Look to our past and you will find our future.

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