~”I’m discouraged as Obama has been allowed virtually unopposed, to evince so much deliberate politically masqueraded subversion against both the foundation of our Constitutional Republic & against the American people themselves! Where has our Representative government in the opposition Party been throughout?? From them I’ve heard a variety of saber rattling regarding certain of Obama’s scandals & negligence! Yet from everything I’ve seen result from these subsequent respective hearings over these past several months (all centering around various Obama scandals in general) their sabers may as well be dulled butter knives!

If I had any doubts before Obama’s questionable arrival on the political stage, that our so-called government of the people, by the people, & for the people has been thoroughly usurped & subjugated by a political ruling caste of elitists, those doubts have long been dispelled since Obama’s reign began!”~

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The previous statement was a comment I’d left at wnd.com in response to a wnd exclusive I was reading earlier today titled,

Video warns Obama: People will fight for guns

Other opinions posted here ran the gamut at the depth and scope by which Obama has successfully contrived to further this amalgamated division of our Nation with, that he has been consummately accomplished at threading throughout the span of his occupancy in our White House so far to date!

It’s astonishing actually when you sift through all of the scattered pieces that litter these past 4 years in the lingering trail of this mans continuing train wreck of a Presidency! When you begin to try and arrange those fragments into an order by which you try to define a cohesive image, some measure of sense from the purposeful obscurity in the architecture of Barrack Hussein Obama’s political designs and ambitions.

Yet we only have to go back as far as a few months really, to examine more disturbing recent developments which seem only to exacerbate this perceived tightening grip of escalating tension so many in our Nation are feeling with each successive legislated act Obama commits himself to inflict upon us!

First we have Obama’s sacking of several top brass Generals throughout our United States Military, beginning back on May 11th, 2009, with the forced resignation of General David McKiernan by -at the time- Defense Secretary Robert Gates. This took place a year before McKiernan’s term as commander in Afghanistan was set to end. His was the first Presidential dismissal of a General during wartime activities since Truman’s ousting of General Douglas MacArthur during the Korean war.
McKiernan was followed then by General Stanley A. McChrystal, who was later himself replaced (in the fallout of a controversy stemming from disparaging remarks he had supposedly made about Vice President Joe Biden along with his Commander In Chief, revealed in an interview to Rolling Stone magazine) by General David Petraeus. Petraeus later went on to retire and become (albeit briefly) Director of the CIA.
General John Allen was the man selected to replace Petraeus, and who was also cleared of wrong doing by the Inspector General earlier this month over allegations of inappropriate e-mails to the Tampa socialite involved in another related scandal centering around CIA Director Petraeus’ elicit affair with the woman whom he had chosen as his official biographer (a scandal which cost him his job as CIA Director) that came to public attention shortly after the Islamist terrorist attack on our American Embassy in Benghazi that left our U.S. Ambassador, along with 3 other American’s murdered (so are you cross eyed yet trying to follow all this??).

Then in the midst of all of that, we have the allegations of General Carter Ham, the former head of U.S. Africa Command, allegedly having been fired due to a supposed intent to defy orders to stand down by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, while the attack on our Libyan Embassy were still underway.
Naturally, anything questionable or suspect in regards to these strange series of events requires more evidence than what mere discernment or intuition can provide, but draw your own conclusions folks. I’m just saying here is all.

Something else too before I go on. I’d like to pose to all of you a question about in Obama’s appointment of John Kerry to succeed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State (since prospects for U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice have obviously gone belly up)…Do you suppose (just suppose), Kerry was Obama’s pick all along? Why? I haven’t gotten that far yet, but this thought occurred to me over the last couple of days when I was thinking about Kerry’s involvement and his prominent role in the Insider Trading scandal that rocked the Hill over a year ago and how it was reported that Kerry profited significantly off Obamacare in the process. Food for thought. Moving on…

Following then in the footsteps of Obama’s perpetual social engineering of our Military towards eventual extinction (if he and his Progressive acolytes have their way about it), we have too his opening salvo consisting of 23 executive orders towards realizing his and other ‘senior citizen’ Democrats’ grand scheme to implement an all out assault on law abiding citizens 2nd Amendment Rights! Meanwhile (back on the Democrat Plantation), unbeknownst to most as concerned citizens have consequentially been focused on this combustive issue of American’s gun rights being at the mercy of another Obama power grab…Lurking in the periphery, we have Democratic New York Representative Jose Serrano making a clandestine stab at reintroducing legislation to Congress in an effort to end Presidential term limits by doing away with the 22nd Amendment (Yeah, if you weren’t awake before, you are now I bet, huh?). I’ll let Doc Savage sum it up…


As if Obama’s chewing up and spitting out our highest military Commanders wasn’t enough, as if his trying to engage his notorious proclivity to overreach (AGAIN) in his going after America’s firearms, trying to become Emperor of his own Galactic Empire, NOW (get this), we have it being reported that FBI Director Robert Mueller is uncertain if the President has the authority to kill American citizens on American soil! I know: WHAT?? I’ll let the Judge field this one…

Wow, Obama’s modus operandi (when you look at everything collectively he’s hell bent on trying to pull off here), it all seems strangely familiar, huh? OH YEAH!…
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In my own introspective ruminations, I’ve contemplated on if I were to use an overarching allegory here to try and encompass these circumstances in their entirety, I believe I’d make reference then to J.R.R. Tolkien’s literary epic, Lord Of The Rings. Yeah, I thought about Star Wars at first, but George Lucas has so thoroughly bastardized that series of classics with like a half dozen or so versions of the same Special Editions, I don’t even want to think about it (I still have no clue what the Hell a Midi-chlorian’s suppose to be and as far as I’m concerned, Han Solo shot FIRST dammit!)

~”SEE?? I’m not the only one who thinks so!”~

But those frivolous ramblings are neither here nor there in the overall scheme of things. Sorry. Sometimes I have to break stride and go for a laugh cuz otherwise I’ll go nuts at the total lunacy of it all. Y’know?? *sigh* I know that “crazy” for these liberals is like water for a fish, but I’m an air breather and I can only tread in their sea of crazy, fighting this fight, for so long before having to claw myself out and roll around in the sand like a man on fire trying to get it all off.


I wish I could provide answers for everything we’re going through, but I haven’t any. I don’t believe we have a representative Government! I think something stinks about last Novembers elections! Especially with the way Romney conceded the race and quit the stage before all the votes were even finished being counted in places around the Nation! That’s not even mentioning either all the reported accounts of voter fraud and voter machine malfunctions across the country initially we were hearing of, that now we’re hearing crickets about from Obama’s Uruk-hai vanguard in the liberal media! Even FOX NEWS has been surprisingly silent on the subject. It’s bizarre how everyone just seems now to want to attribute “low Republican voter turnout” and an “organized Democrat strategy” to credit for Obama’s victory! Really?? In the wake of the last 4 years of such an unprecedented disaster who couldn’t even debate his way out of a paper bag?? BULLSHIT!

I’m like a lot of you out there. I’m engaged and I AM paying attention. All I can do at the moment tho’ is add my voice to the rising chorus spreading across our Country! It’s not as hopeless as I’ve read some people express in their thoughts on the subject however.

But before I go, I’d just like to leave you with this and hopefully end our visit with a laugh…Or at least a smile anyway…

~”This is me every time I’m perusing a Group wall on Facebook, reading various postings, & I scroll down unsuspectingly to suddenly be confronted by a picture of Moochelle’s gruesome mug someone put up as a sick joke.”~