I see and hear these reports in the news and on talk radio once in awhile involving certain people of prominence and celebrity status who may, on occasion, tend to express (or ‘vent’ if you will) an opinion in the heat of a specific moment that might be regarded as particularly vitriolic and caustic in nature (given the sensitive climate controlled barometer of these politically correct times we live in today), but sincere by the entreaty of their provoked passions. We get in those raw moments, a rare glimpse of uncensored honest opinion that might cause us to reevaluate a previously held lesser opinion of the person in question, and elevate it just a bit by the momentary sincerity of their candor….

….Then they blow it by coming out a day later (or as in most cases these days with the benefit of social networking , within scant hours) and declaring a public apology for the insensitive crime of simply speaking their mind (at that point then, whatever reevaluated opinion I may have briefly held, plunges even further than where it was to begin with). That crap just pisses me off to no end….

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….But then there’s no end to the things in our Country to find ourselves pissed off about is there?? I was listening to Michael Savage on the radio in my Van earlier tonight while I was driving home after working a 12 hour day as a Temp at a local pet food manufacturing company. He was discussing the Benghazi massacre, Hillary Clinton’s Capitol Hill hearing testimony, referencing her childish rant of demanding, “What difference at this point does it make??!!”, and drawing parallels between Obama’s having purged 5 Generals in the last 3 months from our Military, comparing this act with similar actions committed by Hitler in his rise to power! I didn’t need to see to know my knuckles were turning white as I gripped my steering wheel tighter the more I listened as I drove!

Given other flagrantly suspect actions by this arrogant potentate since his equally suspect victory in last November’s general election for President (most conspicuously Obama’s overtly aggressive assailment on American’s 2nd Amendment Rights and the flurry of gun related crimes being reported in tandem, left and right, by the Obama propaganda liberal media, in an ironic accompaniment coinciding with the latest agenda fueled by this Chicago bred terrorist insurgent!)

Coincidence?? Can there be so much coincidence that appears almost symbiotic to the clandestine agenda being orchestrated by this vain despot?? Absolutely nothing I’m saying here is new to anybody! NOTHING! Everyday our common sense is being (and has been for years now!) serial raped by the fallacious Rat bastards of what is now Obama’s propagandizing liberal media fortifications. The outrageous part of all of this is the seeming vacuum and complete absence of any genuine adversarial engagement by the alleged opposition Party! The GOP is either despicable cowards or they’re complicit! That’s all the benefit of a doubt they get from me! To Hell with them!

A few nights ago I had a brief discussion with a woman on a thread I’d posted at my Facebook Page, Obama: The Enemy within. She’d identified herself as a conservative, acknowledging even her own belief those with whom we contend wont relinquish their grasp on power peacefully, yet despite this, she STILL insisted it must be up to “us” to take the “high road”. I could tell she was misguided by the indoctrinating suasion’s of political correctness! My response to that I include here in its entirety:

~”While I’m not suggesting folks should regress to the state of behaving like frenzied poo slinging monkeys having a bad day at the zoo for a corrupt situation that just is what it is, buuut we’re going to have to find us an alternate road to travel because this high road is getting us buried quick!

No, it shouldn’t have to come to that if we were dealing with genuine human beings who knew how to conduct themselves, but look at the lefts minions in these Occupy Movements.

Look to the behavior of UNION Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. & his, “Lets take those sons of b**ches out!!”, declaration (with Obama right there at that event just off stage too, who, as President of all of America, should have immediately denounced Hoffa for such a statement when he took the podium, but did NOT!).

Then look at how UNION leaders, members, & supporters descended on the state capitol building of Wisconsin last year, & the ensuing chaos & anarchy they evinced in their protests & demonstrations!

I know Christ would entreat us to love our enemies as ourselves & to heap burning coals of kindness upon their heads, but there are still those defining moments becoming more frequent under this fraud in our White House, when we’re called on to make a stand & draw that line for what we believe! If we don’t stand up for our Nation, our beliefs, & values, and defend our children’s future, then who will??”~END

I laud this woman’s principles and am in no way disparaging her commendable sentiments, but we’re dealing with animals here! Pure and simple! We’ve all seen them openly display their inherently vicious characteristics time and again, despite the coordinated efforts by a traitorous liberal media to constantly portray them in a sympathetic light. We’re obliged to suspend our own essential faculties of reason and sense to accommodate the relentless insanity of this theater of the absurd! It’s sickening!

The delusional premise of their reasoning is basically where: “The wants of the few outweigh the will of the many!” That’s precisely what these fascists epitomize! As the majority, we’re being demanded to abdicate our principles, beliefs, values, traditions, and national heritage, while the alternative they offer?

Hypocrisy! Sedition! Anarchy! Social and spiritual entropy! Depravity! Collapse! I could sit here and run the gamut of every detestable word I can think of to define everything these creatures represent, but I’d just be singing to the choir.

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Which brings me back to Benghazi, which I’d described once as:

~”An expanding Characteristic which seems to have become a disturbingly bloody hallmark of Obama’s Presidency!”~


A related question I’ve opined about too is:

Exactly how much Treason does Obama’s being America’s first black President, entitle him to get away with?? I’ve posed the same query about Obama in relation to manslaughter too!


I’m angry! I still can hear the sound bite Savage played over and over during his broadcast, of Hillary Clinton’s shrill sanctimonious voice, “What difference at this point does it make??!!

And this atrocious woman wants to run for President in 2016?? What’s more disturbing is the deficit of any discernible character and morality held by any human being who would support this wretched gargoyle!

In any other previous era of our country, Obama and his accomplices would have been recognized and identified for what they are without hesitancy! He and his co-conspirators would all have been rounded up, indicted, prosecuted, sentenced, and summarily hung for their treasonous subversion!

I know my verdict’s already in:


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