Jeff Bowles wanted me to pass this to you and if you feel the need to help us pass it along it would be very helpful to the cause. It’s a link to help in the fight against Feinstein’s firearm bans, and a sample letter that he is using. Thanks Jeff. We must stand together America…Support the Second! 

NRA-ILA Write Your Reps

Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen;

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I am writing you today to demand you NOT to vote for any type of weapon or magazine ban.

First there is no such thing as an assault weapon available to the general public. The difference between what you call an assault weapon and a regular firearm is purely cosmetic. Assault weapons are only allowed for military use. These weapons have burst and full automatic capability. AR-15’s and similar weapons do not have this ability.

Banning these firearms is a direct violation of our 2nd amendment rights. The right to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed.

In light of the new information available regarding the Sandy Hook shootings, there is more than enough doubt cast on the story of what happened, I believe we have been lied to.

There are over 25,000 gun laws on the books now, those laws are rarely enforced and often dismissed. Vice President Biden recently said the we do not have the money or time to prosecute offenders. Do you really believe there needs to be more new laws? Being that we don’t prosecute the 25,000 we already have, new laws will not fix the problem.

I am appalled at the fact the President used children to further his anti gun agenda. I am further appalled that he issued 23 executive orders that in effect created a permanent gun owner database.

Our country was founded using concepts of a republic, not a democracy. In a republic, the rights of the individual citizen prevail, opposed to a democracy where the majority rules. Our constitution guarantees the rights of the individual, you are sworn to uphold the constitution and the people it represents. The amendments to the constitution were put in place to protect the citizens from abuses of government.

I consider any type of gun control or database of gun owners to be an abuse of the government against its citizens. It is unlawful and a violation of my god given and 2nd amendment constitutional rights.

We borrow 40 cents of every dollar the government spends. We send a lot of that money to other countries. Our house is in an extreme disarray. We need to take some of the money we give away and get our own house in order. Enforce exisiting laws!

Each of you were elected to serve your constituents, to represent what we expect from government. Fortunately we, as duly registered voters and citizens of the United States of America, have options such as the right to vote and the ability to support a recall initiative, at our disposal to correct the misgivings of our elected officials if need be. I suggest you listen to your constituents and do their will less we are forced to use these options as guaranteed to us in the constitution of the United Sates of America.

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