A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

2nd1stWe all know these words, as well as the other Amendments to our Constitution. Yet, not everyone knows what this means. True patriots know what this really means, so do a lot of law enforcement, lawyers, judges, doctors, cooks, construction workers, factory workers, teachers, preachers, store clerks, office employees, sportsmen and the like. We all know, at least I would say 65% to maybe even 85% of the population of gun owners truly know, what those twenty-seven words mean. I could even be “low-balling” the percentage. Regardless of my guestimate, those of us who do know, that, We the People, ARE the militia. We do not wear a uniform, nor do we have military exercises or drills, although some probably do, I cannot speak for them, just like I cannot tell you what the Masons do at their meetings either. I am just, I guess an “average Joe”. I want the American dream, which for the most part I am living it, not to it’s fullest extent but I am relatively content…anyway I digress.

The militia, as our forefathers envisioned, is the responsible citizenry. We the People. Never before in the history of mankind, has there ever been a form of government such as what we have today. Our forefathers gave us what people all over the world desired, a form of government where We the People were in charge of our own destiny, WE alone were our own “lords and masters.” They however did not promise us a rose garden. They warned us that the American path of greatness was to be a long and slow road. Personal wealth was gained by the sweat from one’s own brow and personal freedom was kept by ever vigilant observation and action. To stand up to would be tyrants and enemies, both from without and within our borders.

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This point brings me to the immediate danger as I see it. Please do not mistake my single-mindedness on this. I have been keeping abreast of all the other dangers to the country that I love. I know of the issues with Iran, the threat of islamofascist terrorists, our lack of border security and the ever-growing economic woes we are all facing and many more that I have no space nor time to list them all. Yet, in my humble opinion, they pale in comparison to the one battle We the People cannot afford to lose. Without the Second Amendment, all other rights then become privileges. We wouldn’t have the First Amendment to freely complain to our government officials about the unemployment numbers or the cost of gasoline. We wouldn’t have the right to a speedy and unbiased trial.  We wouldn’t have the right to peacefully assemble. We wouldn’t be able to resist the military or the government taking over our homes and businesses. We have the natural right to preserve ourselves and our property from the overbearing weight that can and often does come with government. That my friends, is why we have the Second Amendment, so that we can defend from corruption what is naturally ours, our bodies, our property and our loved ones.

Which brings me to my next point. You may have been wondering why I included “democrats” in the title along side the Second Amendment and the militia. Well here it is…. as much as we hate to keep repeating facts to the democrats and at the same time repeating these words from the Second to the democrats ” A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Especially the last here, “….the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” We continually as conservatives and libertarians beat our heads against the wall….sometimes even wishing we could do the same to our democrat debaters and politicians, asking ourselves, “What is so difficult about those words “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” that they don’t understand? We continually repeat those words to them, and they act as if they, and sometimes we, never exist. Well, I had another epiphany. Folks, they, the democrats are world-renowned champions at playing “stupid.” I can guarantee that the democrat/liberal/socialist machine KNOWS exactly what our forefathers meant by who is the militia. They KNOW that the militia is you and I, and countless other responsible citizens. That is why they “play dumb” during arguments and debates over gun control. Well, the politicians anyway…the average democrat voter plays dumb in my opinion, quite frankly because they are ignorant of their heritage as Americans, whether they’ve been an American all their lives or for just 4 hours. Obama knows this too. Trust me, he KNOWS. That is why you have witnessed excerpts from gun control history being used in all of his speeches. Hitler knew it…and knew it well, well hitlerkidsenough in fact that he wrote about gun control in his infamous “Mein Kampf” in 1925. When he became chancellor of Germany in 1933, he pushed for gun control and achieved it in 1935 with his “Weapons Act of Nazi Germany.” It was never about the guns themselves…as long as they were in the hands of loyal Nazis. It was all about control. We just recently witnessed our own president surround himself with children crying out for more gun control legislation either with or without congressional support. History shows us that Hitler surrounded himself often with children when speaking on behalf of gun control. History also shows us what happened to not only the German people, but countless others as well when they lost the ability to defend themselves. I could go on and on speaking about despots eager for gun control all in the name of safety. We have many infamous examples…. Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot, Mao, Che, Castro just to name a few.

In my opinion, in order for us to win the battle over our guns and our Second Amendment rights, we have to change our debate strategy. We can no longer stay with the status quo an use cold hard facts and rational logic, we have to add some emotion into it as well. I am not advocating for name calling as the democrats do, such as they always resort to calling us racists for disagreeing with Obama’s policies. We cannot resort to name calling, however we can “hit” them where they care the most. We have to change the dynamic of how we rationalize with them. Give them plausible scenarios to break them out of their zombified trance. We have to show them the gritty, grainy and ugly pictures of gun control history. I am at a loss for what else to do. I know that we have to change the dynamic of our argument without losing our principles and our audience. When we figure out how to get our desired audience emotional enough to “get into our corner,” we will have won the battle. I’m open to any suggestions on how to do that. Maybe if we could just get our representatives who are pro-Second Amendment to be more passionate about it. I am awake and working towards what our forefathers envisioned, are you?

This is a guest post submitted to me by a friend who wants to remain anonymous.  It was first published on a private website, so please for those of you who might know him…no references to his name. That is how he wants it. -Dean

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