So, you think you do not have a voice?  You are so wrong, or are convincing yourself of that, or are only  justifying your sitting there on your lazy ass by saying that.

Welcome to the DC Clothesline.  This is not just a blog.  This is a democracy. 

This is a democracy managed by Dean Garrison out of necessity.  But not run by Dean.  Not controlled by Dean.  You will not find his jackboot on your neck for speaking your opinion.  You will not be censored.  The America Dean and I know does not do that.  You can say what you want here.  Unlike a lot of other places.

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Dean does not do this for money.  He does not do this for fame.  He does not do this just for kicks.  Well, maybe just a little.  He does this because, dammit, he cares about this country and where it is headed.  And so do I.  So do all of us who post here, and read these posts, and share them with our friends.

You are welcome to submit a post here for approval.  So far, I have not seen any post censored.  Even a Liberal Agendanista can try to post here.  But, I would beware of any liberal talk if I was you.  You will have so many holes shot through your position, it will look like a recycled paper target at a block shoot.  Some bloggers and commentors here may come at you with figurative bandoliers crossed on their chests, locked and loaded.   I’m sure they have the real thing at home, too.  They would relish a liberal post.  And after all the comments were done, the conspiracy theorists would think that it was a post by Dean playing devil’s advocate, just to see what he could stir up.  You would be so discredited.  So, still up to it?  Remember, no censorship.

You want readership?  Just go all the way in your post. People like to read sensational articles.  There is nothing like a good rant to get people reading.  Just be clear in your message.

Dean even tolerates me, with my more moderated position.  We are still both on the same page, we are just reading (or writing) different paragraphs.  And we both have enough ammo lying around to give us hernias.  Like I said, the same page.  I write here because every view and share Dean gets helps the DC Clothesline’s agenda to salvage the Republic and to save the Constitution.  It is as big and as simple as that.  We all also want people to think, even if it makes their heads hurt.  We are hoping that their mentalities grow at least three sizes, like the Grinch’s heart.  We want people who never even thought about it before to realize what is happening in this country.  To realize that there are always underlying agendas in everything Parties and politicians do.  To realize that what they say is way less important than what they do.  This means politicians, and us too.

The DCC is for all intents and purposes a crash course in learning how to think for yourself.  To analyze.  To take things apart, and see what makes them tick.  To read between the lines.  To know when a politician is being two-faced.  To know an outright lie for what it is when you see one, no matter how it is presented.  To not to trust our politicians like they did in England and Australia.  Are they ever sorry.  We want you to realize that the erosion of all of our freedoms by slick, smooth-talking, power tie types has to end in this country right here, right now, today.

All of us here are Patriots.

If someone shares what I write, they have potentially linked their friends to the DCC.  The same goes for all of the writers who contribute here.  A share for any one of us carries the benefit of all of our articles being available to more people than we can reach alone.  This is the principle of synergy.  The blog is more than the sum of its parts.  Many of us who contribute here have never even met each other, or even talked together in a chat room.  When we do, we agree to disagree, but we also agree that we are all in this together.  This includes you.  We have never discussed what should go into this blog.  Dean never directed the content of it.  It all just all happened spontaneously, after Dean posted his keystone article.  It is amazing to Dean, the way his blog just grew.  It now has a life of its own. He is trying to keep up with it.

Now, you can help make it happen.  Contribute an article now.  This is truly a call for the participation of all Patriots who read the DCC, a Call to Arms.  Read.  Write.  Share.  Here, or elsewhere, on this blog, on any blog.

You do not have to own a gun to post here.  You do not even have to like guns.  The DC Clothesline is about anything concerning the rotten underbelly of politics.   It is about discourse and disclosure. Its just that the 2nd Amendment of necessity takes precedence here for now.  Without the 2A, there is no 1A,  no 3A.  The 2A is the pitbull that insures that the other two pitbulls are not molested.  Liberals will tell you that this is not so, but their very saying that is their not-so-subtle way of trying to have you self-censor that which even they know, deep down inside, is the truth.  How can they ever shut you up, if you do not yourself choose to be silent? You have the firepower, and the right to speak, and to act.  They only have their mistrust and fear.   It must be horrible to live in fear of everything, even of inanimate objects.  It is completely unimaginable to me.  Freedom is not for the faint of heart.

So, send in your post.  So what if you get only 20 views, or 5, or even none?  It is now out there.  It is in the archives, as long as this blog stands.  As long as Dean and his friends stand.  And maybe you will even get 500 views, and 100 shares.  This is great.  Shares have a tendency of spreading out over cyberspace over time.  You will never know how many people read it once you have that many shares.  In that case, even if this particular blog falls, even if it is deleted forever, your post will still be out there.  Somewhere.  Shared on some timelines for future retrieval.  Even printed out, and stashed in an American Government 101 textbook somewhere.  And these things have a habit of coming back years from now, if they tell the truth.  If they are pertinent.  If they have meaning.  Even if they do not speak to all of us today.  Because maybe, they are the voice of tomorrow.

So write.  Post.  Share.   Join Dean here, in his great experiment in the New Democracy.  Become a part of the New Estate.  Post here, post wherever, but let your voice be heard.  We all have something to say, and here in America, you can still say it.



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