Do you ever have epiphanies? You know… the moments when everything becomes crystal clear? Well tonight we were discussing something on The D.C. Clothesline Facebook page and a huge dose of common sense reasoning hit me like a freight train.

darkdcThe discussion was a petition we had shared. I guess my own less than optimistic outlook took over, but it was one of those We the People petitions that goes straight to the White House. The discussion was pretty grim. No one had shared it the last time I looked and I doubt very many even signed it. People were mostly sharing the same sentiments…great cause but it won’t go anywhere. For the record it was a “term limits” petition. Polls have shown that over 80% of the American people favor term limits, which is exactly why I feel signing another petition is a waste of time. They won’t listen to the voice of the people anyway. We continue to kick a dead horse.

A few days earlier I shared a petition from a different site for halting the shipment of F-16s and tanks to Egypt, and hardly anyone had noticed. The hits on that article were embarrassingly low. It’s not that people don’t care. They simply know that signing petitions doesn’t have a track record of success in America.

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In recent days the “We the People” site had responded to numerous150px-We_the_People_logo petitions and the responses were predictable. They actually seemed to put more thought and energy into the infamous “Create a Deathstar” petition then in any of the petitions that were serious. No one ever seems to get the response they want from this website, well unless they are petitioning for something that the White House supports. I am not sure why we even try. It doesn’t seem to matter what the topic is, if the current administration is opposed to it, it does not matter how many signatures you collect.

Roughly 1 million people signed secession petitions in various states. I consider this a significant number, but the White House does not. Forget for a minute that less than 1/2 of 1% of the population responded to such petitions, the real number of supporters is exponentially higher. They know it. They know that most people don’t respond to petitions. They know that some people were unaware the petitions existed. Our government has skilled mathematicians that can look at simple numbers and determine what those numbers extrapolate to.

So what is the reason behind the “We the People” petition site in the first place? Well, there are two dissenting schools of thought. One is quite cynical and then there is my view which takes it to a whole new level with a more conspiracy-driven outlook.

The first cynical view is somewhat harmless and it goes something like this:

The only reason they put up this site was to make the American people believe that they have a voice. It is all cosmetic. They don’t care how many people respond, they will do whatever they want either way.

I can buy that, but not fully. I have made a habit out of bringing cynicism to a whole new level. We have all seen believable stories of government cover ups. We have seen admissions of wrong doing by former military and CIA officials. We have seen it all. This is true of both the left and the right.

I am going to share my opinion on why this site was really set up but I have no proof. In America, when dealing with government corruption, finding proof can get you killed. So I would rather sit here with my common sense opinion and leave someone else to bust this story wide open. Either way, I will share my thoughts, because they already know who I am and I can’t hide from them, but you may be able to, so listen up…

I want you to think in common sense terms for a moment. Think about how Barrack Obama’s administration was credited for a strategic, efficient, and technologically superior campaign in 2012. Much was made by the media about how this administration knew where to put their time and money. They bragged about how this was such an ass whoopin’ because Obama’s team was simply light years ahead of Romney’s team.

purpmapNone of us can refute that this is true. Government officials are privy to large amounts of data that you and I are not. To them it becomes an exact science. They know where the battlegrounds are. They brag about it in the news to let us know how smart they are. 95% of us know how our state will be voting before we cast our ballots. It is commonly accepted that whoever uses this information (a.k.a. propaganda) to their advantage can and should be president. We don’t question it. It is simply our reality.

We acknowledge the corruption but feel there is nothing we can do to change things.

There is nothing I just said that anyone would likely refute. Yes, Barrack Obama’s administration did exactly what the media said. They had a superior strategy and won the election. The American people don’t need to know the details to know that’s true. Even if you believe in voter fraud allegations, you still have to admit that this administration was smart enough to use it to their advantage. No one is pure as snow in Washington D.C. Proving voter fraud, however, is not the purpose of this article. I will tackle that issue another day.

Here is the idea I want you to entertain, and I think it is easily proven by common sense:

I would offer that the real reason for the “We the People” website is much more sinister than simply placating people and making them believe they are given a voice.

I believe that this website is set up, more importantly, for the government to collect data on you and your opinions. The petitions you sign and the answers you give are part of your government profile and stored in multi-million dollar database systems. You are already on more lists than you could ever imagine.

Think about that. What else would they do with this information? This is the government. Do you think they just count the signatures and purge the database so no one can ever see that you supported a certain petition? If that was the case, why do they ask for your name, zip code, and email? Why do they make you verify your account with your email? Could they be tracking your ISP to make sure it’s really you? Why do they care if it’s really you if they have no intention of honoring petitions to begin with?

Do you think it’s really a harmless site that takes your opinion and does nothing to gather usable information about YOU? You may be a little naïve if you believe that. Collecting intelligence is what our government does. Do you really doubt that they have files that reads something like this?

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Me and mi loveDean D. Garrison

  1. Ultra Good Looking
  2. Signed the “Create a Deathstar” Petition
  3. Signed the “Impeach Obama” Petition
  4. Signed the “Texas Secession” Petition (despite living in Missouri)
  5. Voted for Gary Johnson (tried to vote twice)
  6. Writes for a conservative blog:
  7. Owes the IRS $1000
  8. Once sold “Impeach Clinton” bumper stickers by mail.
  9. Wrote a 2nd amendment article that went viral.
  10. Currently unemployed
  11. His sexiness would make for a damn good looking corpse.

I guarantee you it’s not that simple or entertaining. It’s all in some extravagant database format. They can run a query like, “Names and addresses of people who are 2nd amendment supporters” and millions of names will be at their disposal.

I am sure our files are all packed full of interesting data. They know things about me that I have forgotten in my old age. That is what our government does. How else do you think these geniuses can master this game and win these elections on the sheer power of their omniscience? Hey, you can learn a lot by watching these egomaniacs when they talk about themselves. I file these things for later use, the old-fashioned way… in my noggin, though I wish Santa would bring me that multi-computersysmillion dollar computer system that I keep asking for. Maybe next year.

Hey folks, the press said these things, not me. I am just running with what we already know. We have been told that they are masters at crunching the data and I think this is one of the few truthful things to come out of Washington D.C. I am willing to admit that…Yes Mr. Obama you are my number crunching Daddy. I am not worthy to walk in the presence of your geekdom.

And this my friends is where it starts to scare me…

Every time I sign a petition for the 2nd amendment or write a blog article like this I become more and more of a thorn in their side, and if the revolution, which I believe is eminent, hits tomorrow they have all of this data that they can and will use against me.

The government spends billions of dollars to know everything they can about you and I. They want to know how we will react when certain scenarios arise and that includes hypothetical models like a new American Revolution. Like it or not, it is their job to know these things.

I guarantee you that they have run computer simulations with literally billions of variables. They know damn well who is likely to lay down and who is likely to fight them. Every piece of data you are giving that “We the People” website can be used against you at a later time. That is my opinion and you don’t have to have high level security clearance to see that I could be right.

I suppose your belief level will stem from the trust you have in your government. I have zero trust in our government. I believe that they grow more corrupt every day and I believe it is headed for a place that none of us want to go. I believe that they want to take our guns and I believe that it has nothing to do with preserving the lives of the innocent.

typingIf you share my feelings at all, I would suggest that you turn away from things that never seem to work (petitions and letters) because these things can and will be used against you at a later time. We keep trying to break bread with a known enemy and it is just not working. We are like desperate partners on the bad end of an abusive relationship. We keep getting treated badly and we keep going back. It has to stop.

I am committed at this point and will keep proudly flying the bird at all of them. I’m in so deep there is no escaping. But you may not be eaglebirdin that deep yet.

Sign a couple more petitions about how great Obama is doing and how they should erect a statue of him on every street corner. Make them think you have turned over a new leaf. When the time comes you can show your true colors. Until then I suggest you think about what you are doing because dissenting openly is not always wise.

The people of this country are growing tired of talk and broken promises and things could explode at any moment. The second amendment debates are tense and this could lead to revolt. If I were you, I would prefer to be flying in stealth mode if and when that happens. For your own good you may want to lie off signing those petitions for a while. You might even want to sign a couple that go against your beliefs because, YES they are going to do what they want to do either way. It’s the truth.

You may be better off having an “inconclusive” file than a file that screams “red-necked-gun-totin-rebel.”

You can call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, but if you think the government is not using the data that you are willingly providing then you, my friend, are the lunatic among us.

If you believe that our government is corrupt, as many of us do, then you need to start looking for their potential motives and modes of operation. There are deeper layers, and just because it’s true that they want to give you a “warm fuzzy” every time you sign a petition, it does not mean it ends there. They are building lists and you my friend are on them. If the bullets start to fly, being on the wrong list can and will get you killed.

Tell me I’m crazy. It’s common sense.

So you want to keep filling out these petitions that never go anywhere, to get your “warm fuzzy?” Keep beating your head against that wall if you want.rockhead

Your skull shall have the wonderful consistency of granite and the truth will still be the truth. The government has a special database for you. Can you get me a t-shirt?