Two-Hundred and Thirty plus years ago, A ideology swept across this continent. That what is right is not always easy and what is easy is not always right.

To elaborate, it is never easy to forge ahead and throw off the bounds of one nation for that of another, even if that is a nation in which you or your fellow countrymen wish to create and establish. It is in fact no less than treasonous, it is nothing less than to seek death. Failure means your name lay forgotten, success means few amongst you will be.

There are so many issues compounded in our great nation that none can seem to choose where to begin. To visually stimulate your mind a little. Our government at all levels has become “the dirty kitchen” if you combined the trash and uncleanliness of Thanks Giving, Christmas, six birthday parties, Jello wrestling then a Mud fight. “The dirty kitchen” you know the one where you walk in and you have this sense of overwhelming “I really do not want to do this… Where the hell do I even start!”

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We forget to often that those we elect are human and have these same emotions. We send them to Washington and have these expectations of them to work miracles. Yes, every district seems to think their candidate is Jesus Christ and Superman combined. Truth is, these people we elect have been told what to think, what do read, what to say and what to do a good portion of their lives. Psychology tells you what brain washing is. sad-hill-news-american-flagSo we the citizenry must ask ourselves. How is it that we can elect such people then conclude reasonably that they should know exactly how to tackle “the dirty kitchen”?Where do we expect them to start? What should they fix first?
(I’d really like to see some reader response on that What gets fixed First and how if it were you?)

That is the problem with Washington. The Same problems our ancestors had with King George III. All that has changed is instead of tyrants afar we have them in our towns and cities and in Washington. Instead of a do nothing Parliament it is a do nothing Congress. Instead of a tea tax its a health care tax.  However I do not suggest we go dumping Tylenol and other medical supplies into Boston or any harbor for that matter.

I do suggest we the people of this nation become less complacent about our leadership and begin thinking about true civil unrest and leave options such as secession or even revolutionary action on the table but held as a last and final resort. We must strip both the Republicans and Democrats of power. The John Boehners and Nancy Pelosi’s of this country must be muted.

Their voices squelched by a voice that cries for liberty and freedom, not security, not a weakened citizenry. We must all make an effort to not allow ourselves to become dependent on a Federal Government to care for our needs nor tell us what we should buy, should not buy, should buy into or leave behind.

I personally laughed hysterically at the Occupy protestors. The Anons were off by far. Wall Street was the symptom of the problem. To this very day men and women we call Senator, Representative and even Congressmen who knew exactly what Wall Street was doing to us the American people and instead of stopping it, themselves chose to partake in what is no less than the largest robbery on record. When the bubble burst all of that money did not simply vanish. It was tied up in assets and investments that were over inflated in value and sold and then resold and then resold time and again.  The money can not vanish because it was never there to begin with. It was made up. Fictitious. A lie. A group of people said the value was “X” So it became so. Park Place and Board walk are still 400 in monopoly money but to make it easier to understand take out the board, “X” out the 400 and write 1200 on the board. You have done the exact same thing. In truth these properties and investments were worth no more than they are today. or at the lowest of their value. It is all made up based upon some made up  analytic that says X = Y and here is how we figure it. It is just as laughable as the CEO of Exxon stating his company has no control over the price of his product.

I ask of you. to think on this and more.

We are 16 Trillion Dollars in debt as a Nation.
First allow me to assert that our Federal Government is by law its own entity. lacking entirely of Statehood or County or Country for that matter. It was designed this way on purpose. A plot of land that is to belong to the American People.Washington D.C. itself even lacked representation in the House and Senate until a short sum of years ago.

That being established I shall further press onto you that You the individual American citizen according to the IRS tax code are a legal business.  Your business location is your home or residence.

I ask you: If you were $16,000 not Trillion or even Billion dollars in debt what would happen to you? Would you be allowed to walk away with a wonderful bonus and severance package after taking Federal Money? Would you be brought into court and a judgement placed against you? Would your creditors deem your credit rating so worthless that you could not finance a cup of coffee? If your annual budget plan was to spend yourself into debt by an additional $11,000 dollars but you only made $220.00 a year, What would the Judge and the Lawyers and the Creditors say to you?

We are 16 Trillion Dollars in Debt. The proposed budget is an additional 11 Trillion. We took in a sum of 2.2 Billion in 2011. Even less people are working now than in 2011. Non-Government groups that do not play politics are calling for from 14-16% unemployment. Republicans want to say 14% (Because the weak economy is a selling point for Republicans against Democrats). Senate Republican and Democrat Committees  both have a vested interest in destroying each others credibility. I refuse to listen to either about the other. To me both parties a few fries short of a happy meal.

Democrats are in LOVE with the new way that this administration has chosen to calculate unemployment and savings and loan totals. (Loans have been artificially inflated by adding borrowed student loan money including Pell Grant. which is not a loan… Thus resulting in the Administration being able to show conclusively that “more banks are lending” when the truth is that they are not.)

So how do we the great people of this nation respond? We lay down and bend over. We chose to buy the KY and ask for a deeper cleansing of our colons, 401K’s, investments, retirement plans, bank accounts, and in return we want nationalized healthcare.

Sure America! Because your responsible for me because I smoke 1-pack of Camel Wides a day. Congrats! You just bought my Cancer bills. Great Job! Dumb asses! Hell, while I am at it since I am jobless, how about you pay for my food, my clothing, my cell phone bill, give me some spending money for the movies, my electricity, my water, my rent, and my internet and cable TV. ALL OF WHICH ARE COVERED BY SOCIAL ENTITLEMENT GRANTS THROUGH THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

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So please tell me. Exactly how we can afford this? How can we afford this government? How can we afford to allow this government to continue?

Our contest is not only whether ourselves shall be free, but whether there shall be left to mankind an asylum on earth for civil and religious liberty. If you love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.
– Samuel Adams

I have heard it asserted by some, that as America has flourished under her connection with her Government, the same connection is necessary towards her future happiness, and will always have the same effect. Nothing can be more fallacious than this kind of argument. We may as well assert that because a child has thrived upon milk, that it is never to have meat, or that the first twenty years of our lives is to become a precedent for the next twenty. But even this is admitting more than is true; for I answer roundly that America would have flourished as much, and probably much more, had no European power taken any notice of her. The commerce by which she hath enriched herself are the necessaries of life, and will always have a market while eating is the custom of Europe.

But she has protected us, say some. That she hath engrossed us is true, and defended the Continent at our expense as well as her own, is admitted; and she would have defended any from the same motive, for the sake of trade and dominion.
(edited for application to Federal Government rather than British Government)
– Thomas Paine