Some of my fellow authors here at The D.C. Clothesline are not as engrossed as I am in the idea that a time shall come where the people will either falter or prevail against our Federal, State and Local governments in nothing less than either civil war or revolution.

It is no stretch of truth and with a sound mind I can say that I do not fear my government. I do not fear it. It is my opinion that this consistent usurping and circumventing of The Constitution of The United States of America by the elected officials of the people has caused that body of elected officials to be members of  what I feel is a greater threat to the American people than any other of the past or present. They do so without any consideration to the oaths sworn to the people, They do so without any regard for our inalienable rights. We have elected care takers whose only care they wish to undertake is for themselves.

It is not my government I fear. It is the indifference of good men that I fear. It is those individuals with sound mind and heart that will know what transpires before their eyes is wrong but refuse to have a voice for liberty and The Republic. Those who would rather let their children live in slavery than die for their freedom.

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We must remember that while they will make examples of us, call us traitors, call us terrorists, imprison us without trial or due process, the truth is it is our leadership that has become treasonous, our government the terrorists, our own government seeks to destroy or at least circumvent our rights, freedoms, liberties, our heritage. Imprisoning us without giving us our right to be heard in court.

I am tired of hiding my unrest and deep displeasure in the leadership of this nation. I will not be the one to make the first move, as I am a loyal citizen to my countrymen and country. But HEED THIS: If you come to take the rights of the people away or seek to nullify or suspend The Constitution. I will be there. I will die willingly to defend The Constitution and the people of this nation.

I am an American Patriot. My family has been on this great continent since 1612. More than one-hundred years before the revolutionary war that sparked this nation to life and liberty. The founding fathers needed the summer soldier to be a winter soldier too. My voice and resolve knows nothing of the seasons. Steady, strong and true. I am one voice but as long as there is a belief in our Constitution I do not stand alone. My voice does not cry out in anger alone.